AirLyft by Kyte announces partnership with Mobipad

AirLyft is glad to announce this week that AirLyft by Kyte has partnered with Mobipad. With this partnership once can expect the following implementations:

  1. Seamless ideation & execution of NFT & Token Giveaways and more such events completely bot free on AirLyft to their community members with added level of security.
  2. Projects within the ecosystem of Mobipad will be able to utilise the growth hacking functionality of AirLyft for themselves for genuine community growth & engagement.

“We look forward to working with AirLyft to ensure a free and no-bot ecosystem for our launchpad” : Mobipad

About Mobipad

MobiPad is built to aid innovative startups within GameFi and the Metaverse ecosystem to easily raise capital and to get the needed help across all aspects of building a strong project. They specialize in bridging the gap between your ideas and funding, they help you shape your innovative ideas from concept to launch via the advisory board, financial support, and leveraging their connections.




About AirLyft

AirLyft is a platform that allows startups to create different community focused events and let users do certain tasks for rewards such as giveaways of tokens, coupons, or NFTs!



Let’s Lyft Off!!


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