Ankr Partners With Major Ethereum Scaling Solution

One of the fastest-growing web3 outfits Ankr just partnered with a well-heeled Ethereum scaling solution. 


  • Ankr Partners With Optimism
  • Reasons For Optimism

Ankr Partners With Optimism

Ankr announced today that it’s partnering with Optimism, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum. The partnership will see Ankr become an RPC (Remote Procedure Call) provider for the Ethereum-adjacent scaling solution. Ankr processes some 6 billion blockchain requests per day.

The move will greatly improve Optimism’s performance as a layer-2. RPC’s help applications interact with the blockchain. That greatly benefits second-layer scaling solutions which have to process requests for Dapps migrating from the Ethereum Network.

“Apps and integrations choose to build in the Optimism ecosystem because they feel aligned with our values and culture and appreciate the tooling and technical options available to them,” said Matthew Slipper, Head of Engineering for OP Labs. “In response to requests from our community, we’re excited to offer Ankr as an additional Optimism RPC provider.”

Ankr is a San Francisco-based company that provides one-click nodes for various blockchains like Ethereum, BNB, Solana, and Avalanche. The one-click nodes service helps users intimidated by the process of setting up a node to get into securing blockchains.

Optimism is a homegrown Ethereum solution. Using optimistic rollups it provides blazing speeds without resorting to a side-chain. Unlike Polygon and Loopring, it was conceived on top of Ethereum and uses smart contracts for verification on the Ethereum mainnet. This gives Optimism the ability to scale Ethereum by providing cheap gas fees alongside Ethereum’s secure transactions.

Reasons For Optimism

The partnership between Ankr and Optimism comes just days after Optimism’s eagerly awaited airdrop.  The airdrop didn’t go as planned because the traffic load on their RPC endpoint was much higher than expected.

The partnership couldn’t have come at a better time because of the publicly-voiced frustrations from the Optimism community. Many community members suffered failed or delayed transactions thanks to what the team called “degraded” performance on the mainnet. Ankr will help with making the next wave of Optimism drops run smoother.

“We love what Optimism is building for the future of Ethereum. Ankr is happy to do our part to provide a fast and reliable RPC service for their users,” said Greg Gopman, the Chief Marketing Officer at Ankr.

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