Apparently, Alex Mashinsky Is On The Run

The embattled Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky has been accused — with no evidence — of trying to flee the country.


  • Alex Mashinksy Accused
  • Why It’s Unsubstantiated FUD

Alex Mashinksy Accused

A rumor circulated around Twitter last night revolving around Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky tried to flee the country. By rumor, there was no proof provided, just tweets.

“Alex Mashinsky attempted to leave the country this week via Morristown Airport but was stopped by authorities. Unclear at this moment whether he was arrested or simply barred from leaving, ” said Mike Alfred. He’s an “engaged value investor” according to his Twitter bio. Also, apparently, an investigative reporter, too.

The fledgling muckraker also added, “The thing that I keep thinking is that Mashinsky has almost certainly been contacted by the FBI already. He may have even been picked up, questioned, and released. There is enough here that the Feds will want to examine.”

These tweets apparently were enough for some publications to report on the story. Though, some deleted their posts. As of press time, others like kept their aggregated story up for whatever reason. 

I reached out for comment from Celsius, but I have yet to hear back from them. But I have a feeling I know what they are going to say. Re: it’s FUD.

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Why It’s Unsubstantiated FUD

There are several problems with this rumor.

For one, there is no mention of a source. Is it a person familiar with Celsius in any way? Is it someone at the airport? It’s kind of important to include, at least generally, who the source is.

Another big issue here is, that Mashinsky hasn’t been charged with a crime. As a dual citizen of Israel and the U.S., he could only be extradited if he committed a criminal offense. Sure, Celsius is being investigated for stopping withdrawals, but they haven’t been charged with fraud.

It’s unlikely they will be, too, if it’s deemed they were made insolvent by a good old fashioned bank run. Not to mention, in order for him to be stopped from leaving the country, he’d have to be on a list of some sort.

Interestingly, Alfred reportedly as started blocking accounts daring to question his unsubstantiated rumor posting. Also interestingly, Alfred was responsible for the spreading of fake news back in late 2021 when he said Lemonade had added Bitcoin to its balance sheet. 

For what it’s worth Zach from Celsius Network did come out and say this, “…any reports that the Celsius CEO has attempted to leave the U.S. are false.”

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