Apple’s App Store Evicts Trust Wallet

On Tuesday, the Trust Wallet team made an official announcement that its app was no longer available on Apple’s App Store. According to Trust Wallet’s Reddit Mod, the decentralized wallet became unavailable at 1pm PST. In light of this, new users will be unable to download the app on their iOS devices. Old users of the app can still use the app but will be unable to update or reinstall the app.

The team noted that they are working towards a timely resolution of the issue. They also assured their iOS users that their funds are safe. 

Your funds are unaffected as your assets are all stored on-chain and you have full control of your recovery phrase and private keys. Thanks, decentralization,” the Mod wrote. 

Why is Apple Kicking Off Crypto Wallets?

Last December, the Atomic Wallet app disappeared from the App Store. When a user complained about this on Reddit, the Atomic Wallet team revealed that Apple removed “the app because the wallet uses 3rd party for exchange.” Apple’s App Store guidelines state that a crypto app may process transactions on an approved exchange only if the app is an exchange itself. 

Atomic Wallet assured its users that they are working on the issue. It also said at the time that it would soon go back live on the store. However, as of the time of writing, the wallet has not made a reappearance.

This third-party payment/exchange policy was also the reason Trust Wallet removed the DApp browser from its iOS version to comply with the guidelines. However, despite these adjustments, Apple evicted the app from its store.

Apple’s Long History with Crypto Apps

The recent deletion of Trust Wallet and Atomic Wallet shows that crypto apps are yet to get it right with Apple’s guidelines. Between 2012 and 2014, Apple either deleted or blocked several crypto apps. Coinbase, BitPak, and Gliph were among the apps affected. Apple cited infringement on legal laws, local laws, or other sections of their guideline as reasons for these deletions. 

However, recent cases of deletions have been due to violations of Apple’s third-party payment policy. In similar fashion, the platform notably evicted the world-famous game Fortnite in 2020. This happened after Fortnite introduced an in-app payment service that bypassed Apple Pay.


Trust Wallet has assured its iOS users that it is working on getting back on the App Store as soon as possible.

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