Authtrail Releases Final Details Of Exclusive Community Round

Authtrail, a blockchain-based data integrity SaaS network, announced the final details of an exclusive community round for the platform’s native token AUT on March 23.

The round is only for those who have been invited to participate. 20% of token total supply will be distributed for early contributors. The registration for the Whitelist is currently open.

The invitation-only community round is a one-time offer for early contributors to obtain UT tokens at a fair price.

More Growth Coming From Authtrail

According to Authtrail, 30 million AUT tokens will be allocated to whitelisted participants, representing 20% of a total supply of 150 million AUT.

The event is expected to raise an additional $6 million. Each AUT token is valued at $0.20 at the round, which is half of the figure in the upcoming public round.

The community event is split into 2 phases.

The first phase will begin on April 12, 2022 at 3 p.m. CET (2 p.m. UTC) for the first thousand contributors, with contributions beginning at $1,000 and capping at $5,000 per person.

When 1,000 unique transactions are reached, the phase will come to a close.

The second phase is scheduled to begin on April 14, 2022 at 3 p.m. CET (2 p.m. UTC), with no contributor restriction.

All whitelisted participants are welcome to participate with a maximum contribution of $50,000.

Tokens will be tested every twelve months, with a three-month break in between, and an equivalent test every four to twelve months.

This exclusive event is only available to Authtrail community members, and only a limited number of whitelisted individuals are permitted to access.

Citizens from the United States, Canada, China, Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Singapore, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and the Crimean People’s Republic of Ukraine Region are unable to access the community round.

A Great Project Making Things Safer

The goal of this crowdfunding campaign is to raise funds to help accelerate product development while also growing project awareness and encouraging platform adoption.

The Authtrail ecosystem is powered by the AUT token, which powers the platform’s key data integrity features.

The community-focused round follows a successful strategic investment round. Authtrail has completed its strategic fundraising round.

According to the Slovenian team’s official announcement, they completed their strategic funding round in February, with a total of $3,600,000 raised from a group of leading venture capital firms and angel investors.

The freshly raised money will power the following stages of product development, including technical development and marketing promotion.

By the fourth quarter of 2021, the platform had 6,000 people involved in multiple divisions across 30 countries.

Authtrail CEO Matjaz Sobocan is certain that investor funds will support significant use cases in the Web3 economy.

“Backed by several Angels and multiple VCs, Authtrail will help companies leverage higher quality data, equipped with integrity, as they implement blockchain technology into daily operations seamlessly and at a low cost,” said Authtrail CEO Matjaz Sobocan.

After the platform gained substantial adoption and traction across many sorts of organizations, the year 2021 was tremendously momentous for the Authtrail team.

Authtrail works with the Moonbeam Network to deliver a market-ready infrastructure for data integrity, as well as contiguous applications that can increase data integrity at a reasonable cost.

It is the first real-world use of Web3 at the enterprise level, and it uses hashes and anchors to assure data integrity on the blockchain network.

This enables organizations to improve their performance and reputation while minimizing expenses.

Authtrail was initially developed on Ethereum, but has recently switched to the Moonbeam Network because of its superior efficiency and reduced transaction fees.

The platform expands on Polkadot’s cross-chain governance, staking, and integration, as well as interoperability and shared security, with Moonbeam.

Authtrail establishes interconnections between enterprise data and blockchain technology as data is aggregated through the Authtrail API.

All data is verified, hashed, and fixed on the Moonbeam blockchain once it has been aggregated.

As a result, Authtrail can create a seamless link between real organizations and cutting-edge technology to assure data integrity.