Auto-Compounding Stablecoins at 1,000% APY on Yield Wolf

Earn Massive Interest on Multi-Chain Idle Assets with Yield Wolf’s Auto-Compounding Yield Farm Vaults.

Not sure what to do with the GRAPE or WINE from Grape Finance? Sure, users could re-stake it to the Vineyard, or the Winery, or even compound into more nodes that pay 5X their deposit. But, there is another option that puts earning yield on auto-pilot!

Ok folks, this is getting out of hand. Someone went from 10% APY on Nexo, to 12% on Finblox, both of which have either eliminated or paused earnings on stablecoins due to recent market volatility. And, now have discovered 100% to 800% APR’s on Grape Finance. And now, over 1,000% APY with YieldWolf!

What is Yield Wolf?

YieldWolf is a multi-chain yield-optimizer, like with PancakeBunny and BeefyFinance. We’ll look a little more in detail about how their compounding works, but first, let’s talk about the chains YieldWolf is compatible with.

YieldWolf is compatible with the following blockchain networks:

  • Fantom
  • Avalanche
  • Cronos
  • Polygon
  • Celo
  • Harmony
  • BSC

Here is just a sampling of the pools and vaults that YieldWolf has to offer with its multi-chain auto-compounding feature:

Sample Grape Finance — YieldWolf Passive Income Ecosystem

The image above is merely an example of one of many ways that reward tokens from a DeFi platform can be sent to YieldWolf to earn “yield upon yield”.

GRAPE and WINE earned on the Grape Finance platform can be recycled and compounded on site, can be sold for profit, or can be sent to YieldWolf to earn more yield. The YieldWolf vault pays out in WINE, Grape Finance’s governance token. This can then be staked in the Winery (Grape Boardroom) for over 400% APR, which equates to an APY of over 8,000%!


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