Avalanche Explorer: Expanding Subnet Support

The Ava Labs team is thrilled to announce multiple feature releases for Avalanche Explorer. As new Avalanche subnets continue to launch, it’s vital that users and builders are supported with quality tools and data to help grow their ecosystem and showcase their products.

Subnet builders are offered certain guarantees of technical support and Web3-ready tools when they develop with Avalanche, described as the “Subnet Builder’s Bill of Rights”. Among this support, the offering is an explorer, which plays a crucial role in informing users in real-time about what is happening on the chain.

As part of the subnet deployment experience, Avalanche helps ensure that subnets have an accurate and featureful explorer readily available out of the box. This is so that the subnet team can focus on building their unique products, knowing ancillary tools such as explorers are baked into the subnet offering. The Ava Labs team can currently stand up mainnet or testnet EVM explorers for an Avalanche subnet within 72 hours.

New Home Page and Navigation

A new homepage provides a better user experience when navigating Avalanche’s subnets and primary network. A universal search bar enables users to quickly search across the primary network and any supported subnets. Users can now easily navigate between and search for their favorite subnets on both mainnet and testnet. Users can view high-level subnet information or deep dive into their preferred subnet for even more data.

New Avalanche Stats

A new and improved statistics page now enables the easy exploration of network stats across not only the c-chain but also Avalanche subnets. Users can view individual subnet performance and seamlessly compare metrics. Users are provided flexibility and increased granularity when diving into Avalanche operations.

Validator Information

Users can now view information on their Avalanche validators as they work to support the primary network and subnets. Further information on Avalanche reward distribution and validator health can be found by searching here.

Smart Contract Verification and Publishing

Contract deployers can now submit their contract source code to the Avalanche Explorer to be. Contract source code is compiled using Sourcify and published on the contract’s address page for that specific subnet. This helps contract deployers build trust by promoting transparency with users, giving individuals the opportunity to audit and verify how the contract works.


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