Key Points:

  • If the bulls take control of the crypto market this month, we are likely to see Avalanche (AVAX) rebound
  • Bitgert is among the cryptocurrencies that are expected to explode this month if bulls run the crypto market.
  • Bitgert has superior developments than Avalanche coming up

The second half of 2022 looks promising, with most coins projected to do well despite the bearish start. Avalanche and Bitgert are two coins to watch. Avalanche was still trading at $16 at this writing. This is against the projected +$20 Avalanche price for the start of this week. On the other Bitgert (BRISE) is posting an impressive stable price during the bearish market as Avalanche tumbles.

However, Bitgert are two coins with promising projections this month, according to crypto investors. Bitgert might explode this month because of the performance it has put up in 2022. With a stable price when the likes of Avalanche plummeted, the crypto experts believe that Bitgert is gearing up for a bullish explosion. Avalanche might rebound.

The Bitgert bullish explosion this month will be driven by the huge developments that the Bitgert team is working on. Unlike Avalanche, Bitgert has so much coming up because it is a new project. The Bitgert project is 11 months old but has achieved so much.

The Bitgert project has its own blockchain, while Avalanche is still an Ethereum project. Bitgert BRC20 blockchain will still be the most sought-after chain this month. The mass adoption of the Bitgert chain is going to make the Bitgert price do better than Avalanche. But it is the huge number of products and projects joining the Bitgert chain that will make Bitgert perform better than Avalanche.

The upcoming Bitgert roadmap V2 products are expected to keep Bitgert prices surging this year. Crypto experts are bullish about Bitgert this month because of the many Bitgert backed projects coming on the chain. These developments will enable Bitgert to outperform Avalanche (AVAX) this year.

Avalanche, on the other hand, has so many developments coming. The Avalanche ecosystem is projected to get bigger as more projects join the Avalanche network. Avalanche is also working on a range of products. Avalanche is still the fastest smart contract, and this will keep more developers opting for the Avalanche network.

In addition to that, the Avalanche team is building a bigger ecosystem like Bitgert, with the Avalanche DeFi a major attraction. So Avalanche has the potential to go bullish as Bitgert explodes this month.

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