Avaware Partners With Arable

Arable, a decentralized synthetic assets protocol, is partnering with Avaware to form a new pool for the $AVE/$ACRE tokens.

In simple words, Arable is a decentralized protocol that allows for synthetic asset farming.

This means cross-chain farming is now possible from just one platform, making Arable the perfect tool for those actively farming on different chains but want to eliminate the complexity from the equation!

Arable’s platform features:

  • Synthetic Asset Farming
  • Synthetic Asset Minting
  • A Synthetic Assets DEX

A synthetic asset describes an asset pegged to a fiat currency or a native chain token.

In the case of Arable, synthetic assets are called Synths.

Users will be able to recognize these assets as they are prefixed with the “ar” letters (arSOL, arDOT etc)

These Synths are backed by $ACRE, Arable’s native token, and more tokens like $AVAX or $USDT.

What makes Arable unique is the synthetic asset farming feature.

Users can buy Synths from a DEX or mint them on Arable.

If users want to trade or farm a pair of tokens from different chains, he can do it through Arable, which opens the door to thousands of DeFi opportunities.

Learn more about Arable here: https://about.arable.finance/

Stay tuned for more events and further collaborations between Avaware and Arable!



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