Battle Game v1.0.7 — Competitive Arena, Leaderboards and QoL Updates

Ascend to the top of the leaderboards in Crabada’s exciting new Arena mode! Battle for the coveted title of Arena Champion and win weekly rewards.

Here Comes a New Challenger

Arena Points (AP)

AP are a player’s accumulated points from participating in Arena matches. AP determines the player’s Arena Ranking. Each player starts off the week with a default of 1,000 AP.

AP can be gained from winning Arena matches and lost from losing Arena matches. There are 3 ways to accumulate AP:

  • Challenge an opponent in an Arena match
  • An opponent challenges your Defense Team
  • Revenge on lost challenges

Arena Tickets

Players will require Arena Tickets to participate in Arena matches. Each player can only hold a maximum of 3 Arena Tickets at once.

Free Tickets

  • Players will receive 3 free Arena Tickets to start with
  • 1 Arena Ticket will be refilled every 4 hours to a maximum of 3 Tickets

Purchasing additional Arena Tickets

When a player has finished using up their Arena Tickets, they can purchase additional Arena Tickets to continue challenging opponents in the Arena.

  • Players can only purchase Arena Tickets when they have finished using all existing Arena Tickets
  • Players can purchase Arena Tickets in bundles of 3 (starting at 200 TUS)
  • Each subsequent purchase will cost an additional 200 TUS more than the previous purchase
  • There is a purchase limit of 30 additional Arena Tickets per day

Setting up a Defense Team

Before being able to challenge fellow players in Arena matches, players are first required to set up a Defense Team. And the Defense Team will be listed for other Arena Challengers to attack.

Arena Matching System

A list of 5 opponents with relatively similar AP will be randomly generated for you to challenge daily.

Refresh List of Opponents

Players can can spend 20 TUS per refresh to generate a list of 5 new opponents.


When the team is defeated in a challenge, players have one chance at redemption. Use the Revenge feature.

Players can check through their Battle logs and use the “Revenge” feature only once for any lost Battles.

Weekly Arena Rewards

The top-ranked Arena Challengers will receive weekly rewards in User Experience (Exp) and Crystal Shells (CS).

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Batch Feeding

Batch Feeding is going live! All of the Crabada can now be fed simultaneously!

  • Batch feeding will cost 7 TUS for each Crabada
  • “Feed All” will feed ALL Crabada 1 selected food each
  • Players will need sufficient food to cater to all their Crabada to batch feed with food
  • If there is insufficient food to cater to all Crabada, players will be able to use TUS fries for batch feeding

Preset Formations

Players can now create preset Team Formations based off Factions:

  • Creating a new preset or editing an existing preset will cost 1,000 TUS
  • When starting a new Mine/Loot, players can select their preferred preset Team Formation.

Crabada are automatically selected based on the preset formation with the following rules:

  • Highest level Crabada are picked first
  • If Crabada of the same level and Faction, they are picked from left to right from players’ Crabada inventory

About Crabada

Treasures (Under Sea) of undiscovered past await daring adventurers who seek the future. Mine, Loot, Breed, Battle! Will you be the one to take the place as King of the Crabada? Or will you sow the seeds of discord across the land? The world is your oyster. Soon, they will tremble when they hear your name.

Crabada is an exciting play-and-earn idle game based in a world filled with fierce fighting Hermit-Crabs called Crabada (the NFTs). Players will rediscover the prosperous ancient kingdom of Crabada and earn rewards through activities such as mining, looting, breeding, battling, exploring, crafting, and more!

For more information, read whitepaper here.


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