Bitsgap Review – Investing in Crypto with a Comprehensive Trading Bot Set

Founded in 2018, Bitsgap went live with the emergence of the cryptocurrency trading bot sector. There was a substantial surge in the number of persons investing in crypto as the general public learned about cryptocurrencies.

Institutional investors typically employ automated strategies in the traditional financial market. With the help of Bitsgap, small crypto investors too can introduce automated trading strategies into their wallets.

Today’s review will list the main features of Bitsgap to provide you with the key details you need to know.

What Is Bitsgap?

Even though Bitsgap is not an exchange platform, it interfaces with several of the most renowned crypto exchanges. Arbitrage, market indications, trading bots, and portfolio management are available with Bitsgap. 

To put it simply, Bitsgap is a cryptocurrency trading bot platform that combines many of the factors involved in crypto trading. The main advantage of this system is that it puts these functionalities into a single platform for its users. 

Bitsgap aims to improve the crypto trading experience for its users. The Bitsgap trading terminal allows you to trade on numerous crypto exchanges from a single platform. 

You may insert market orders with the help of profit takes and stop losses, among other tools.

A Few Words About Bitsgap Features

If we had to summarize in a few words all the features of Bitsgap, we could share the list below:

  • Trading Terminal: You may execute spot and futures trades on various exchanges using a single interface.
  • Arbitrage: Traders might take advantage of the price discrepancy between multiple markets.
  • Futures Trading Bots: Bitsgap is one of the few platforms that let you create futures trading bots.
  • Signals: You may find important messages from the market’s behavior to make the wisest trading decisions for your wallet.
  • Portfolio Tracking: In order to keep track of their cash and profits, traders will have access to a dynamic portfolio dashboard.
  • Automated trading bots: Using machine learning, Bitsgap delivers pre-configured trading bots.
  • Demo Exchange: Using Bitsgap’s Demo function is a way to understand how each of the app’s features works.

Bot Technology

The GRID algorithm powers the Bitsgap trading bot. The system allows traders to choose investment ranges and limitations before distributing the funds equally. 

GRID places a sell order at a little higher price than the current market value when it executes a limit order. 

Bitsgap creates a new purchase limit order each time the market executes the previous one. The new order has a slightly lower price than the market value. 

As a result of this functionality, the pre-configured trading bots are optimized for bull and bear markets

The team uses machine learning to examine and analyze past data for maximum profit and less risk. According to their trading history and the results of their trading bot, traders can select any trading pairs they like.

Arbitrage and Signals

One of Bitsgap’s most popular features is arbitrage. When using an AI-powered system, you may trade on many exchanges simultaneously.

For example, you can earn if a cryptocurrency is more expensive on one exchange than another. However, it would not be easy to carry out all of these exchanges simultaneously on your own. Bitsgap’s automatic tool takes care of it for you. 

In order to compute arbitrage, it takes into account any fees or commissions that the exchanges may charge.

Traders may use Bitsgap’s market and cryptocurrency price movement indicators to maximize their profits. When a cryptocurrency or token surges in value, the system sends signals to its users. 

Data acquired from the crypto market is the source of these signals. You will see an alert whenever the system spots anomalies in a currency pair. 

When establishing stop-loss and take-profit orders, the indicators can be helpful. Bitsgap also explains to take into account your trading approach when setting up these signals.

Paper Trading

The demo account is one of the most popular aspects of this site. The feature allows novice traders to understand how the platform works without executing any trades. 

This account has five different crypto exchanges and a real market environment. Moreover, it comes with trading bots, arbitrage, and signals.

Track Your Crypto Portfolio

Bitsgap makes it easy to monitor your cryptocurrency investments. It’s possible to see your coins, ROI, and positions in one place. If you want to see your open orders and previous purchases, you may also do so on Bitsgap. 

You can filter your portfolio for a particular platform by using many crypto exchanges.

Bitsgap User Experience

Over time, Bitsgap has developed more complex functionalities for experienced traders. However, adding more features hasn’t made the UI any more difficult, as users explain in their reviews. 

By utilizing the free trial, you will better understand how everything works on Bitsgap. In addition, a single, user-friendly platform houses all of these services. You will not need to have different apps to handle all these features. 

There are also simple-to-understand charts and TradeViews products in the platform’s offer. The portal’s portfolio management section provides a relatively easy way to keep track of the market. 

Bitsgap may save you much time by automating the process of keeping track of your assets. 

When it comes to exchanges, linking your account with those of other platforms isn’t tricky. You will simply need the APIs for each exchange you have an account with. 

Regardless of your trading approach, you have a wide range of possibilities for personalization. Because of this aspect, traders can develop their unique trading techniques. There are several options for customizing your trading strategy while employing a bot. 

Similarly, portfolio performance is accessible from a variety of perspectives using trade data. Many traders want total control over their trading when operating with cryptocurrencies. Bitsgap aims to satisfy the demands of these customers.

How to Open Your Bitsgap Account

Joining Bitsgap is a relatively straightforward process, which only requires following the steps below:

  1. Go to Bitsgap’s official website.
  2. Click “Sign up” on the homepage.
  3. Input your email address and password, then read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Do not forget to click “I Agree.”
  4. Click the “Sign Up” button.
  5. Check your email and click the link to confirm your registration. You should be able to log in to your Bitsgap account and begin using it after this step.

Bitsgap Security Profile

Bitsgap has established all the essential safeguards to secure you and your cryptocurrency investments. For example, the platform uses RA 2048 encryption for its services. 

You can safely combine your exchange accounts using APIs because the platform won’t enable the system to withdraw funds. In the crypto bot sector, these security features are pretty standard.

Additionally, Bitsgap provides two-factor authentication as an added layer of security. Once you log in to your account, you can set up this more secure option.

Bottom Line

Our Bitsgap review clearly shows that it is a popular cryptocurrency trading platform with features for experienced and novice traders. Those searching for a more complex trading system can also find appealing features on Bitsgap. 


It is best to exercise caution while employing automated trading systems because of the potential for financial loss. On its website and social media accounts, you may discover more about Bitsgap.

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