Progress Updates & Alpha – August 2022

Internally, this past month has been an epic progression of the alpha the development team dumped on the users at the top of July. There are some exciting new updates to the of late.

  • FarmLand Leaderboard — LIVE

Giving the FarmLand fiends/the Metaverse maxi’s their due credit by placing them on their very own leaderboard

  • Uncapped FarmLand Size — LIVE

With currently no additional benefit for upgrading the FarmLand beyond 120 bignesses besides leaderboard glory — the team still felt this feature was important for the few crazy cluckers who wish to assert their dominance on the aforementioned leaderboard.

  • FarmLand Naming Service — LIVE

Now look, it’s not that anyone needs to be told what’s up, but they’ve noticed before now that SOME wallets have had ‘farmish’ names.

For clarity, think of the user’s Wallet name as ‘username’ — and a user, the home-owner, shall decide the name of his home/s (his FarmLand).

  • Roostr Naming Service — LIVE

Name those Roostr, get that lore cracking too — BBQ’s orders!

  • NFT Transfer Service — LIVE

There’s now no need to travel beyond the chikn farm to transfer your NFTs — for FREE.

Roostr Day Care & Bulk Roosting Features

Bulk roosting is arriving imminently and introduces the ability for the users to interact and upgrade their Roostr NFTs en masse. This includes the ability to feed all the Roostr and level all their Roostr in one transaction (respectively). Bulk roosting reduces the number of clicks and effort required to grow those Roostr and squirt that $FERT.

Coming shortly after — Roostr Day Care takes these bulk features to the next level. Submitting the Roostr to the day care will ensure they get fed, their $FERT harvested, and even digestion time skipped everyday — without users having to make any clicks. This will require the use of a custodial contract that takes ownership of their NFT to make the requisite interactions with the Blockchain.

Timeline Readjustments


This is fantastic news, and is a product of hundreds of hours of RnD, ideating and workshopping. While the core game theory elements are unchanged, the gamification and theme have evolved into something very exciting. Expect adventure, exploration, mystery and deception.

The consequence, however, is that it is bound to take some more time. Rest assured that the juice will definitely be worth the squeeze. The social elements and k-level thinking strategies lead to a truly unique and innovative multiplayer experience.


A combination of scope-inflation and market timing (relative to our other product releases) mean that breeding will most likely become a Q4 release.

When introducing new NFTs to the ecosystem, timing is paramount, as well as the surrounding infrastructure. This includes the onboarding of new entrants to the ecosystem, as we should expect and encourage an influx around this release in particular.


chikn is an entire ecosystem built around these NFTs – encompassing novel Tri-Token Architecture. It is extending the utility of Public Minting, a Marketplace, and Farming for emerging NFT+token creators on Avalanche.


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