Companies with a  market price of $1.1 trillion have registered trademarks linked to metaverse and NFTs

This year alone, companies with a combined market price of $1.1 trillion have registered for trademarks linked to metaverse and NFTs. 

According to 2022 filings, one aspect of the metaverse will be that it will be well fed and dressed. 

If Meta is included in the equation, the total comes to about $2 trillion. 

Companies do not want to miss Metaverse

Brands from all industries are trying to avoid missing out on metaverse potential. The metaverse will be well supplied and dressed, from McDonald’s to Victoria’s Secret.

Furthermore, in the year 2022 alone, a total of 1967 NFT-related applications were filed.

However, because we already know about Meta’s goals as a result of their rebrand, let’s concentrate on the lesser-known metaverse players. 

Ralph Lauren, Chevron, McDonald’s, Monster, Colgate, WWE, Levis, Playboy, and a slew of other brands are preparing to enter the metaverse and safeguard their intellectual property.

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Who all these companies are?

For some, registering trademarks in a new market will be a simple legal exercise to safeguard their company’s brand. However, the documents make it obvious that this isn’t just about brand protection. Mike Kondoudis, a trademark lawyer, has provided a breakdown. 

By looking up the serial numbers of the trademarks in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, you can learn more about them.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret, the international lingerie, apparel, and beauty company, submitted trademark applications in February for downloadable virtual products, digital collectibles, virtual fashion shows, and online clothing, including undergarments.

Monster Energy is a brand of Monster Beverage

The drinks and beverages company has a history of being on the cutting edge of fashion. As a result, their entry into the metaverse comes as less of a surprise than most. They want to utilize their brand to sell NFTs, downloadable virtual food, drinks, and clothes, similar to McDonald’s.


Outside of Meta, this is the largest corporation preparing for the metaverse. They have a market capitalization of more than $300 billion and have applied for trademarks relating to NFTs this year. NFTs, virtual gas, virtual retail, and virtual renewable energy items are all covered by their applicability.

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