Deus Ex DAO Advisory Partnership With RoboVault

Welcome gamers and crypto lovers, Avaxholic is happy to share that Deus Ex DAO Advisory Partnership With RoboVault. So let explore it in today’s article!

Deus Ex DAO Advisory Partnership With RoboVault

Robovault’s objective to automate delta-neutral tactics within DeFi includes Deus Ex DAO.

Deus Ex DAO will help Robovault become DeFi’s most reliable platform for delta-neutral strategies, delivering steady and predictable dividends independent of market volatility. They have helped RoboVault with their overall strategy, company development, financing, and marketing strategy, and they will keep doing so.

The Robovault team, with its tested product and competitive yields, is certain to have a lasting influence on the DeFi industry, according to Deus Ex DAO.

About Deus Ex DAO

Deus Ex DAO is a decentralized invite-only investment community, angel syndicate and advisory active on the frontiers of crypto innovation. Deus Ex DAO wants to hear from you if you are a cryptocurrency project looking for advice and support with relation to your fundraising, company growth, product construction, or marketing.




About RoboVault

RoboVault is currently deployed on Avalanche and Fantom Blockchains and provides single-sided yield opportunities for USDC, ETH and other blue-chip collaterals. Their proprietary off-chain infrastructure has shown its resilience during last year’s market volatility and RoboVault’s strategies become more battle-hardened by the day.





In general, they continue their work to support this hardworking team in building their delta-neutral strategies and platform.

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