Dragon Evolution: The First Dragon Breeding Metaverse

Dragon Evolution is a blockchain-based virtual game. It is the first GameFi metaverse featuring an ever-expanding library of games for dragonologists and dragon apprentices to play-to-earn. Enter a world ruled by elemental dragons, where community members can socialize, interact, and earn together. 

Through innovative use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with a full-fledged evolution process and future AI integration, Dragon Evolution is set to bridge the gap between GameFi (blockchain gaming), DeFi (decentralized finance) and SocialFi (decentralized social media).

First Look: What Makes Dragon Evolution Unique?

Dragon Evolution offers a full gaming ecosystem that provides players the opportunity to learn, earn, develop and share their own gaming experiences. Players battle across the land, breed their own team of companion dragons, and become legends in the realm.

The game’s dynamic game library contains hundreds of transforming dragons and constant releases of new features. Players are able to pick and choose their play style and strategy from a range of hyper-casual games. Whether it is action-packed battles, strategy puzzles, or racing games, they have got every player’s earning style covered. Players can develop their team of Dragons and take on various missions and game modes, enriching their value and utilities.

Players can also meet new friends, build the best team, join the toughest battles, upgrade and evolve their dragons and earn their own money by playing games. The Dragonverse will be the best place to learn, evolve and master not only their DeFi skills but also their GameFi and SocialFi experience.

What is GameFi and The Play-to-Earn (P2E) Model?

Blockchain gaming (GameFi) and the play-to-earn (P2E) trend is an explosive phenomenon in the crypto world where players of NFT games get to collect lucrative rewards for playing. Essentially, players can make money while playing their favorite NFT game.

By becoming active participants in these games, players get to monetize their time and skill to receive rewards like in-game NFT assets and tokens which can be traded or sold if the gamer so chooses. The most interesting part of this model is that these in-game assets and tokens are not just limited to the game, they can be exchanged for real money and spent in the real world.

In normal video games, players are not given complete ownership of assets bought in-app, so they can not be traded for a higher value. The price of the NFT assets that blockchain gamers are rewarded can increase with market demand, giving players the option to sell their assets at a much higher value. 

Introducing The Dragonverse

Dragons are based on the six fundamental elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, Earth, and Wood. It is said that an ancient race of immortal beings created these elements to maintain balance and stability in the world. There will be numerous regions and terrains throughout the realm, with distinctive terrains marking the habitats for each of the native elements.

Players assemble teams of dragons, combining and maximizing different elemental abilities. The game rewards with glory and spoils of war across an ever-expanding universe. 

The Dragonverse is constructed by a library of games, quests, and expeditions to search for rare dragon eggs, resources, and items that can be used for hatching and increasing the player’s abilities and wealth. These are also tradable over the blockchain network and across the ecosystem of Dragon Evolution.

Dragon Evolution also supports breeding new dragons of different elements, strategizing and creating the strongest team, all to increase the asset economy of the game’s Dragonverse, and trade over the distributed ledger. It allows players to unlock infinite possibilities through utilizing each function, forging their own play style.

The Game Mechanics

Dragon Evolution looked at the P2E landscape and took the best lessons while identifying areas of improvement. Most P2E games only take the game models from mobile and MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) games and transplant them into the blockchain. The team behind Dragon Evolution decided that this is not enough. Game economics needs a more careful design when tokens and NFTs are involved.

That is why the Dragon Evolution team has decided to build the game world around an extensive metaverse. The game uses NFTs to represent Dragons and Habitats, and both can be traded over the blockchain. Additionally, it has constructed a dual token system that will support the in-game economy. Such tokens can be earned through an expanding library of games, providing players with infinite amounts of fun while collecting monetary gains off of it.

The game will have both player-versus-environment (PvE) and player-versus-player (PvP) modes that will award valuable loot each. In both game modes, Dragons level up their stats and become more powerful. These Dragons can then participate in PvP arenas to assist passive earning or trade for those players who want to skip the journey and get their hands on powerful Dragons early on.

How to Play

Part 1: Genesis 

In the beginning, Dragon Eggs need to be placed in Habitats in order to hatch. Players staking their Dragon Eggs in Habitats will receive additional $EDE rewards.

All Dragon Eggs have no elemental type until they are developed in Habitats, and the type of Habitat influences the elemental type the baby Dragon will acquire. For example, Baby Dragons have a high chance of acquiring the Fire element if incubated in Fire habitats, but they might acquire other elements due to a small percentage of RNG (random number generation).

Every Dragon has a rarity level, with Transcendence tier being the rarest. Rarity affects the base stats of Dragons and the power of their abilities. Common tier grants no bonus base stats and abilities’ power. Starting from Rare tier, bonus base stats and abilities’ powers are granted, with each subsequent tier being higher than the previous.

Part 2: Leveling Up 

Dragons can level up with XP, and max their level to evolve to the next tier. Dragons acquire attribute points at every level to increase their base stats, and ability points to unlock abilities in their elemental tree. 

Attribute points and ability points allow players options to experiment with different dragon builds.

Part 3: Evolution 

Evolving dragons awakens their innermost power and permanently changes their appearance, their base stats greatly increase and they attain special abilities.

Dragons can evolve a maximum of two tiers (e.g. Common tier can evolve up to Epic tier). To reach Legendary, players must breed dragons with at least Rare tier.

Part 4: Breeding 

Breeding requires two dragons of the same tier. Dragons who have evolved two levels can only reach the next level by breeding offspring. Even then, there may be a chance for a same-tiered offspring or even downgraded offspring

Each dragon can be used for breeding a set amount of times. For every breeding instance, 1 $DVO and a certain amount of 2nd in-game currency ($EDE – Elder Dragon Elixir) will be required depending on the rarity of the dragons.

There are a total of 9 elements within the game — 6 of which are basic elements and 3 of which are bloodline elements. The bloodline elements are Metal, Light, and Darkness. Bloodline elements are rare to breed and are more powerful (their base stats and abilities are higher than those of basic elements).

Part 5: Transcendence 

Transcendence is the ultimate level that your dragon can reach, and it can only be reached through evolution. There are two stages of evolution: Awakened and Ultimate.

Only Transcendence Awakened Dragons are eligible to evolve to Ultimate. When evolving to Awakened, there is a 40% chance of unlocking Transcendence. This makes it very difficult and

requires a lot of luck for obtaining both Transcendence rarity and Ultimate evolution.

Evolve Dragons in An Evolving Metaverse

The Dragonverse possesses boundless potential in the blockchain gaming world as an ever-growing platform with countless possibilities. Dragon Evolution will encompass an extensive collection of games behind all the hatching, breeding, and evolving mechanisms, providing players with never-ending fun while they journey across the Dragonverse with their dragons.

Users can even integrate their own games through Dragon Evolution’s own SDK (Software Development Kit) system where contributors will always be rewarded.

The possibilities are endless in the world of Dragon Evolution as the platform serves as a perfect breeding ground for the team to implement a growing variety of content for their users to enjoy for a long time to come.

$DVO Token Utility

Dragon Evolution implements a dual token system. The first of the two tokens is $DVO. It is a mysterious substance that can only be found in the Isle of Champions. 


Among its many properties, the most powerful one is that it can be seen as the governance token, the key for players to assist and direct the future of Dragon Evolution. Dragonologists can use the token to vote, unlock features and evolution stages. The token is an integral part for players to start their adventure.


$DVO also plays a crucial role in its maturations. Dragons evolve over the course of their lifetime, making the creature more powerful, resilient, and intelligent. Normally that takes centuries, but by applying the right substance during key moments, a dragon can evolve in an instance.


Due to its value and utility, $DVO is often the prize for the winners of tournaments and PvP events. 


$DVO can also be staked in the vaults of the realm, and those who choose to do it will receive a small increment on their holdings over time.

$EDE Token Utility

Dragon Evolution’s second token is Elder Dragon Elixir or $EDE. This elixir can be earned in-game and is used to level up and grow dragon eggs (or to collect and build teams). But it can only be obtained by exploring the land, completing challenges in PvE modes or by challenging other Dragonologists in PvP. Everyone is encouraged to trade this token and make the best use of its properties.

Further utilities of each token will be revealed at another time, so make sure to stay tuned to Dragon Evolution’s official channels!

Official Channels

Website — https://dragonevolution.gg/

Twitter — https://twitter.com/DragonEvoNFT

Telegram — https://t.me/DragonEvolution

Discord — https://discord.gg/dragonevolution

Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/DragonEvolution_NFT/

Medium — https://medium.com/@DragonEvolution

Youtube — https://www.youtube.com/c/DragonEvolutionNFT