Echidna Finance Announcing Strategic Partnership with Avatar Ventures

Echidna Finance is thrilled to announce the strategic partnership with Avatar Ventures.

Avatar has supported the growth of multiple projects in the Avalanche ecosystem such as Colony, Kalao, and Defrost Finance. Echidna is honored to have them on board with the team.

As one of Platypus Finance’s earliest investors, Avatar will commit their vested PTP to Echidna Finance and be the key partner for outreach to the Avalanche communities in Asia.

Echidna looks forward to working closely with Avatar to contribute to the growth of the Platypus and Avalanche ecosystems in the future.

Looking Ahead

  • Echidna v2 will be released in ~2 weeks. Brand design and UI/UX and APR calculator for veECD Boosting will be included
  • More partnership announcements in the coming days
  • Platypus NFTs!

Echidna Finance Community

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