Enum Is Bringing AvvyDomain To Signal.web3 desktop alpha

Enum  announce that they are extending the functionality of Signal.web3 to support Avvy Domains, allowing users to lookup and message Signal contacts with .avax names!

Specifically, around the ability to support shielded names using zero-knowledge proofs. This means that Avvy users can enjoy a unique and unparalleled level of privacy not currently offered by other blockchain name service providers.

Signal.web3 with Avvy domains support will be available for download starting August 24th

About Enum

ENUM is the Web3-native mobile communications platform that is owned and operated by members who can mint their own personalized, tamper-proof ENUM NFTs in place of their phone numbers. ENUMs can be used for communication on Web3 and traditional mobile networks.

About Avvy Domains

Avvy Domains is the naming service on the Avalanche blockchain. Users and businesses can use Avvy to replace computer-generated identifiers like wallet addresses with human-readable and memorable names like johndoe.avax.Its mission is to provide a robust and flexible platform for referencing entities across subnets and beyond the Avalanche ecosystem

Website: https://www.enum.wtf/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/enumdao


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