EQIFi – Insanely Good Rewards On A Decentralized Finance Platform

EQIFi is a global De-Fi alternative to traditional financial products backed by EQIBank, one of the largest digital banks in the world.

EQIBank, recognized as HNWI digital bank of the year 2022 by Pan Finance, serves clients in 180 countries, with 15+ years of experience in global markets, and $2.5 B+ in cumulative disbursement. 

EQIFi launched in August 2021, with 6 amazing products, signed 36+ strategic partners and listed on 17+ Exchanges.

EQIFi is a decentralized protocol for pooled lending, borrowing, and investing in ETH, ERC-20 tokens such as wBTC and Stablecoins, and fiat currencies.

With EQIBank bank accounts, loans, custody, debit and credit cards, OTC, and wealth management, it provides a single standard platform for De-Fi products.

EQIFi allows the whole digital asset, blockchain, and cryptocurrency ecosystem comprising traders, investors, developers, exchanges, and app users to borrow against a variety of assets without having to sell them.

EQIFi’s infrastructure is designed for real-time digital interactions, putting the project at the forefront of embracing today’s ever-demanding society that wants to keep up with technological advancements.

Products Of EQIFi

  1. Yield Aggregator: With no effort, you may earn up to 70%. Spend less time looking for the finest assets to invest in. The Yield Aggregator on EQIFi performs everything for you automatically, ensuring that you get the best interest on your deposit. It provides best-in-class security and daily compounding for ETH, WBTC, USDT, USDC, and EQX assets. The real-time Yield Aggregator seeks the best possible return on your money and presents it to you in seconds.

You can deposit in various types of portfolios offered by EQIFi like, HODL BTC, Stablecoins balance liquidity, Ethereum liquidity, and, Stablecoins & Ethereum liquidity.

Choose your APY (Annual Percentage Yield) and allow your idle assets to generate passive revenue by putting them to work for you.

Benefits of Yield aggregator:

  • Automatically allocate funds.
  • 100’s of liquidity pools & AMMs.
  • Deposit & Withdraw at any time.
  • All of your assets in one product.

How to deposit in a Yield Aggregator?

  • Select one of the portfolios.
  • Pick your desired token and enter the amount.
  • Watch your funds grow and withdraw at any time
  1. Loans : With a quick loan, you may borrow an infinite amount. Get immediate approval, then use your crypto assets as collateral for a fixed or variable rate loan. Borrowing at an interest rate as low as 0.1 percent. Deposit collateral with an LTV of greater than 50%,  EQIFi keeps you updated while allowing you to optimize your demands and liquidate at your convenience.

This is available in 180 + countries, instant approval with fast and easy loan repayment.

Benefits of EQIFi Loans:

  • EQIBank is the first fully regulated bank to support crypto loans.
  • Swap fixed-rate loans for variable-rate loans, or the other way around.
  • Smart contracts set fixed interest rates algorithmically.

How can I apply for an EQIFi loan?

  • Choose the token you want to use as collateral and which loan token you want to use.
  • Enter the loan amount you want and choose the payback period.
  • Take use of your loan.
  1. EQIFi Card: You can spend your crypto with the EQIFi Visa Card at over 44 million sites across the world.  You’re ready to proceed once you’ve transferred crypto from your EQIFi wallet to your funding wallet. Spend your cryptocurrency whenever and wherever you choose.

Load your card account with any amount between $200 and $50,000 and use it to make payments where Visa is accepted.

Benefits of EQIFi Card:

  • The EQIFi Card allows you to spend, travel, and access assets from anywhere on the earth.
  • The card may be used anywhere in the world and offers uncompromised security and privacy, as well as no spending limits.
  • Withdraw money from ATMs all across the world.
  • It’s linked to a digital wallet and a web app.

What is the procedure for obtaining an EQIFi card?

  • Fill out an application for KYC level 3 verification and include all required details.
  • Get an EQIFi Bank Account and discover the power of having banking and DeFi in one convenient location.
  • Once you’ve received your card, load it up and spend it globally.
  1. Deposits – De-Fi allows you the freedom to choose your own interest rate on your savings, whether it’s fixed or variable, to lock in peace of mind or take advantage of market movements. The interest rate is up to 10 percent, and you may select between fixed and flexible earnings, as well as the possibility of receiving surprise benefits. Learn how to earn incentives while storing your cryptocurrency in liquidity pools.

 Benefits of Deposits on EQIFi: 

  • Your investments are safe, secure, and guaranteed by the EQIFi community’s collateral.
  • Deposits with a fixed or variable rate
  • Deposits and withdrawals are both unlimited.
  • Security that is best in class

How do you get your money through deposits on EQIFi?

  • Choose the token you want to put your funds into and enter the amount you want to deposit.
  • Choose between a fixed and variable term deposit, as well as the period.
  • Keep track of how your money grows over time. You will earn more interest if you invest for a longer period of time.
  1. Interest Rate Swaps: Switching between fixed and variable cost interest rates for both loans and deposits is possible with Interest Rate Swaps. You can switch from a variable-rate to a fixed-rate loan. This meets investors’ demands while also making it easy to liquidate holdings using a single protocol.

     Benefits of Interest Rate Swaps on EQUIFI:

  • You can swap at any time with minimum exposure.
  • The ‘Set it’ and ‘Forget it’ functions make loan payments more predictable.
  • Earn compensation.

What Is the Best Way to Swap Interest Rates?

  • Choose from a variety of EQIFi Yield Portfolios with varying APY percentages and risk levels.
  • Choose your swap rate, and EQIFi will take care of the rest. Swaps are possible at any point throughout your loan.
  • You can cancel your swap at any moment. If the swap rate is lower than the fixed-rate, you will be compensated.
  1. Peer-to-peer transfers: You can send and receive crypto with zero fees. You have to select from the list of advertisements to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with no intermediaries. 

Benefits of Peer-to-peer on EQIFi:

  • Making it secure and simple to send and receive cryptocurrency payments like, USDT, BTC, DAI, ETH, USDC,& EQX.
  • All transactions are completely secure.
  • There’s no need for a third party if you use the in-app wallet or your phone number.
  • Transactions are completed in a matter of minutes.

How to transfer and receive crypto on EQIFi?

  • Enter the wallet address or select a contact from your contact list to send money to.
  • Choose the token and the amount you want to transfer.
  • Confirm your ZERO cost transaction by pressing “Send.”


Higher profits, ultra-low-cost loans, staking incentives, and more are available using EQIFi’s native coin, EQX. The users who hold EQX tokens will have a 10% decrease in fees, have priority access to EQIBank accounts, and enjoy higher limits over De-fi products.

EQX Price $0.095
Market Cap $12,967,417
24h Volume $405,141
Circulating Supply 136,579,898.65 EQX
Available Networks ETH, BSC, BTC

Benefits Of EQX Token

  • Liquidity Mining: Stake tokens in liquidity pools to earn interest dependent on the amount of time you’ve been staking.
  • Higher LTVs: Hold EQX for a potential LTV gain of up to 25%.
  • Bonus APY: Holding EQX can boost Yield Aggregator returns by up to 10%.
  • Staking Rewards: Staking incentives of up to 20% can be earned by holding EQX. There are 4 Tier levels according to which rewards are decided.

How to Get EQX Tokens?

  • Download the EQIFi App(Coming Soon) and use your credit card to purchase EQX.
  • Swap EQX on one of the 15+ exchanges where EQIFi is traded.For ex: Gate.io, Kucoin, Simple swap, CoinEx, etc.
  • Invest with EQX and gain access to exclusive rewards. Stake your way to the top of the Staking Tier for the finest prizes.

For more information visit:

Website : https://www.EQIFi.com/

Twitter    : https://twitter.com/EQIFi_finance

Youtube  : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3U6AdHPO1Wr71_eZkGDqBQ