Gala Games’ MTRM and TOWN Reward Tokens Listed on Coinstore

The popular Singapore-based international crypto exchange recently announced new exchange pairs on its platform for two gaming reward tokens, each connected to an in-development Web3 game. 

On August 17, Coinstore launched trading for a new USDT/MTRM pair. MTRM (Materium) is the official reward token of Gala’s upcoming MMORPG, Mirandus. The central mechanic of Mirandus is the player’s ability to own in-game assets, from land deeds, to swords, armor and magical items. Only 1650 total land deeds exist in the world of Mirandus, and almost all of them were sold in the game’s initial primary land sale in 2021.

Often described as an open-world fantasy simulator, Mirandus (video link) will be one of the first games of its kind, where stories, characters and experiences can be owned by players.

Coinstore Listing Article (MTRM)

Materium contract on Etherscan

Official Mirandus website

On September 9th, Coinstore will  launch a new USDT exchange pairing for TOWN. TOWN (TownCoin) is the official reward token of Gala’s flagship Web3 game of town and city builders, Town Star. Town Star was created by much of the same team that created Zynga hits like Farmville 2, Zynga Poker and Words with Friends.

Town Star allows gamers to own their game items as NFTs, playing them in-game for crucial advantages in regular competition servers. Prizes are awarded to the top finishers in many of these competitions in the form of GALA, the core cryptocurrency of the Gala Games Ecosystem. In May of 2022 alone, $2 million was awarded to Town Star players for weekly competitions.

TownCoin contract on Etherscan

Official Town Star website

About Gala Games

Gala Games is building the largest decentralized network of gamers in the world. Using Web3 technology, and powered by a wealth of experience and expertise from professional gaming, Gala Games aims to empower players through asset ownership, economies built on rewards, and unprecedented AAA gaming experiences. Learn more about the Gala Games Ecosystem at Gala.Games.

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