Galaxy Survivor Has A Partnership With X8 GameFi

🌌Galaxy Survivor is honored to announce an official collaboration with x8 GameFi🌌

Galaxy Survivor is delighted to inform our latest partner on board, X8 GameFi as we found advantages for both parties and our users in this cooperation.

About The Partnership

X8 GameFi is currently one of the hottest names on the gaming market for the fast-growing pace X8 GameFi will offer their connections and assistance to aid Galaxy Survivor in growing our community

Our team at Galaxy Survivor offers unique solutions with the hope of supporting X8 GameFi in solving GameFi’s inflation problem by implementing a brand new NFT system, NFT Quantity Limit with DAO vote, and NFT Recycle Mechanism.


It can’t be a better match for Galaxy Survivor to reach out to more players while X8 GameFi expands their ecosystem. We found advantages for both parties and our users in this cooperation, to in turn lead to this partnership.

  • X8 GameFi: “Help Metaverse citizens enjoy games and earn for the better with freedom, trust & growth”
  • Galaxy Survivor: “Create a balanced and unique gameplay that is different from other launched games for Gamers and Investors on Avalanche.”

With this collaboration, our missions will be realized much faster. We are positive our future development with X8 GameFi provide our community the best experience.

🚀So get ready for an exciting adventure in the futuristic vast universe with X8 Guild and Galaxy Survivor🚀

About X8 GameFi

X8 GameFi is a Play to Earn Gaming Guild that connects players, investors and P2E games together to maximize benefits for all three parties via blockchain-based economies. We are here with you on the great journey to Metaverse.

X8 is thriving in connecting play-to-earn game communities and creating an immense supporting ecosystem. As a community-centric gaming guild, X8 GameFi provides scholarship and educational opportunities, a community, and a software platform to enable everyone to connect, enjoy games, earn and build the Metaverse while maximizing benefits.

Join their community here:

About Galaxy Survivor

Galaxy Survivor is a Real-Time Strategy 3D Metaverse NFT-Game that integrates DAO and Play2Earn, developed on Avalanche blockchain. Its story is set in a sci-fi environment in the far future, where only 3 civilizations have survived and are at war with each other.

Our game allows players to not only experience a beautiful, lively 3D art game but also fully immerse themselves in the world of AR and VR. Players will also be able to join battles, complete missions to receive rewards (NFT) while experiencing this metaverse world with a huge galaxy map.

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