Gamestar+ To Launch Web3 Reboots of Game Night Classics on Avalanche

Gamestar+, a platform for streaming classic games on connected TVs, will be launching Web3 reboots of its games on Avalanche. Currently, GameStar+ lets people play interactive versions of popular games like Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and Family Feud. Building on Avalanche gives Gamestar+ new efficiency and Web3 capabilities.

The integration will bring some of the biggest and most popular IPs from game shows and entertainment to blockchain gaming: Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Disney Pixar, as well as iconic TV game shows like Deal or No Deal and The Price is Right.

Gamestar has chosen Avalanche for its near-instant transaction speeds, industry-leading security, ability to scale to millions of users, stability, and the high performance needed to equip a popular gaming platform with Web3 features.

“Blockchain integration is something that we have thought long and hard about,” said Todd Young, Chief Operating Officer at Gamestar+. “We are mindful of our traditional gaming audience and want to level up our gaming experience to give players the chance to win and earn tangible value. Partnering with Ava Labs and utilizing Avalanche technology allows us to do this — creating real-world value atop of the world’s best and most popular gaming titles. Imagine playing Family Feud against another family, anywhere in the world, for GSTAR tokens!”

Building atop Avalanche, Gamestar+ can leverage features that add new dimensions of competition and ownership to the social gaming experience. Players will earn GSTAR, a native token that can be redeemed for NFTs or traded for other digital assets. These elements will give players full control over their in-game winnings.

Gamestar+’s integration of Avalanche comes at a time of expansion across Avalanche’s robust ecosystem of NFTs and Web3 gaming. Blizzard the Avalanche Fund has made a strategic investment in Gamestar+.

For early access and to learn more, visit Gamestar’s blockchain portal.

This post is based on materials provided by Gamestar+. For more information, visit Gamestar+’s website. Also, please read this important notice.

About Gamestar+

Gamestar+ is the world’s first blockchain-enabled game streaming platform with Play-to-Earn features and live social play. Gamestar+ streams interactive game night experiences that include Family Feud, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Movie Scene It? directly into your living room, alongside iconic entertainment brands that include Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Disney Pixar.


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