Greenidge Generation Mined 301 BTC in August

According to a press release shared by crypto mining company Greenidge Generation, the company mined 301 BTC during the month of August, while since the beginning of the year, the firm has mined a total of 1,771 BTC.

Last August 31, the company’s fleet consisted of about 24,500 miners with a total hashrate of about 2.4 EH/s.

According to the announcement, Greenidge Generation has switched off about 5,000 older and less efficient devices (0.3 EH/s).

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The company has reported:

“Uptime at the Dresden, New York facility was 100% in August and 99.9% for eight months.”

The company’s mining data center is located at its hybrid power plant. Its operation has prompted complaints from local activists and environmentalists, who claim it has a negative impact on the environment.