Immutable X Partners With Personal Corner To Leverage Web3 And NFT Platform

Welcome crypto lovers, Avaxholic is happy to share a partnership between Immutable X and Personal Corner on Sep 7th. So let’s explore it in today’s article!

Platform Was Created By Partnership To Enable Athletes And Artists To Take Control Of Their Brand, Value and Revenue With Direct Access To Fans

On 7th September 2022, Immutable X, the first Layer 2 rapid-scaling solution on Ethereum and an industry leader in NFT minting and trading, today announced a partnership with Personal Corner, a platform that lets fans buy NFTs directly from famous athletes and performers. The Personal Corner marketplace will be powered by Immutable’s quick, gas-free, and carbon-neutral platform, enabling athletes to take advantage of web3 and boost revenue by offering NFTs in a direct-to-consumer manner.

About Immutable X

Immutable X is a multinational blockchain technology startup on a mission to use the strength of immutable NFTs to bring asset ownership and trade to life in virtual spaces. The Immutable Group is made up of Immutable X, a Layer 2 platform that scales Ethereum, and Immutable Games Studio, which is known for its blockbuster games Guild of Guardians and Gods Unchained.





About Personal Corner

Personal corner is the first unified marketplace, created by athletes for their fans. They bring you collections curated directly by athletes and influencers with the sole intent of building a community with you the fans!

Personal Corner aims to position itself as the go-to unified marketplace for all personally branded items both physical and digital of the largest names of influence in sports, entertainment, music, artistry and more.




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