Introducing ApeSwap NFT

ApeSwap’s NFT collections should reflect what ApeSwap’s DAO is to BNB Chain DEXs: a top-tier decentralized NFT collection driven by unique experiences and functionality coupled with a powerful community behind it.

Starting last weekend (July 30th, 2022), the NFA and NFB communities will be united and rebranded into the new ApeSwap NFT community.

About ApeSwap NFT

Bringing together the Non-Fungible Ape and Non-Fungible Banana communities will be beneficial for both collections and open exciting new possibilities in the future in regards to utility, forming partnerships, and the general development of ApeSwap NFT.

This does not mean the differences between the NFA and NFB will disappear, the NFA will always stay the premium NFT collection and will play a much bigger role within the ApeSwap NFT ecosystem in the near future.

NFA holders will play a much bigger role in the future direction and development of ApeSwap NFT through governance. They will benefit from a more active community and get more exposure. The NFB will become a low entryway to get into the ApeSwap NFT ecosystem and get a taste of the perks owning an NFA can offer.

ApeSwap NFT Treasury

Not only will this treasury wallet be used to build an NFT collection for giveaways and raffles, but it will also receive a part of the royalty fees from the auction house and partnering NFT marketplaces, building up a solid treasury to grow the community and project. Over the next three months, 100% of royalty proceeds will go to the ApeSwap NFT Treasury.

Over 69 NFTs have been donated to the Treasury Wallet thus far from members of the ApeSwap team, partners, and community members.

About ApeSwap

ApeSwap is a DeFi Hub on BNB Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum focused on offering an accessible, transparent, and secure experience for all.

ApeSwap’s DEX is the core product of our DeFi Hub, so the development team spends a significant amount of time and effort developing ideas that help progress the DEX towards a more sustainable future.


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