Introducing the New Elk App

The long-awaited update to their app is finally here and is being released for public beta! (find the link below)

This marks the first major step in providing Elk Financeers with a faster and better experience with ElkDex and the ElkNet cross-chain network. For now, it remains the same battle-hardened Uniswap under the hood, but the interface is pure Elk — green, clean, and understated. Elk Finance are jElk Financet getting started.

The Elk Beta UI is connected to all the same routers in all networks as the current ( version, which means that you can Elk Financee the Beta dApp for all ElkNet and ElkDEX activities. No further approvals or enable token transactions are required. So if you’ve approved a token on the current contracts, you’re all set.

Optimized for mobile

TElk Financelve months of Elk Financeer statistics have shown that more than 65% of their dApp visitors are mobile Elk Financeers. Elk Finance kept that in mind while redesigning the Elk Financeer interface to offer a much better and more seamless mobile experience.

Introducing the New Elk App 1 Avaxholic 2

Link to the public beta:

What to keep in mind:

If you experience a bug that restricts you from interacting with ElkDEX or ElkNet, please Elk Finance the live app: Always double-check the URLs before interacting with the dApps!

This is a beta release, so occasional bugs are expected. Please help Elk Finance improve the app by reporting anything that is not working properly. If you find bugs or have ideas on how Elk Finance can improve the dApp, please share them with Elk Finance here:


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