Jamie Dimon’s Warning About Economic Projections

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China Shocks With Rate Cut as Data Show ‘Alarming’ Slowdown.”


The last update for China this week is that the PBOC also cut their two short-term policy rates, each by 10 basis points. It’s not much, but it puts them in direct opposition to other central banks, who are pursuing a path of tightening.


In the chart below, we can see the growth rate in the last 25 years of Chinese gross domestic product. Growth fundamentally changed in China during the Global Financial Crisis and has been trending down ever since. COVID was a massive shock, but now things are settling back on trend toward a crisis.


I know Jamie Dimon is not the most popular man in the Bitcoin community, but he is a heavyweight in the world of banking and finance. That is why, when some of his comments to high-net-worth clients leaked this week, we should at least examine what he said. I’ll also note, Jamie Dimon is the CEO of JPMorgan Chase and the Wall Street banks influences the Federal Reserve. It is likely that this is similar to what we’d hear from a candid conversation with Jerome Powell.

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