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Janus is an important figure in Roman mythology with two faces, one facing forward and the other backward. He is known as the god of beginnings and transitions, because he can see both the past and the future.

Janus Network is an Avalanche Subnet that builds a dynamic blockchain philosophy that turns its face from yesterday to tomorrow with each new day.

What Makes Janus Network Unique in the Ecosystem?

With the increasing number of subnets, it becomes a necessity for Subnet projects to communicate with each other. Janus Network is a solution that combines NFTs in subnets into a single subnet, enabling the buy, sell and management.


subnet, or subnetwork, is a dynamic set of validators working together to achieve consensus on the state of a set of blockchains. Each blockchain is validated by exactly one subnet. A subnet can validate many blockchains. A node may be a member of many subnets.

Gas token (JNS)

JNS is the gas token of Janus Network.

Fee Covering Model

Contract owners can choose to pay transaction fees on behalf of users that interact with their contract.

  • This payment mode can be switched on/off whenever the contract owner chooses.

Gas Fee Structure

Transaction gas fees are based on EIP-1559

Fee Pool Plan

Transaction fees are initially collected into a fee pool. These fees are split between burning, ecosystem, and awarded to validators.

Burn Rate

Initially, 50% of the fee pool will be burnt. This proportion will change over time.


15% of the fee pool will be allocated to growing the ecosystem. This proportion will change over time.

Distribution to Validators

Initially, validators are allocated 35% of JNS gas fees from the fee pool based on the weight of JNS staked.


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