Joe Rogan Compares Bitcoin to the Early Internet, Says Government is “Freaking Out”

The popular MMA commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan recently discussed Bitcoin with light-heavyweight UFC fighter Khalil Rountree. The men highlighted the financial freedom that the network can provide, and the fearful reaction its received from many governments today.

Bitcoin as a Life Raft

During JRE MMA show #124, Rountree recounted his experience attending the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami last month.

The conference was attended by other top-tier UFC fighters as well, including Ben Askren and Francis Ngannou.

“I haven’t been excited about something like this in a really long time,” he said. “I’m finally at a point where I’m starting to be able to see a future for myself.”

The athlete claimed that Bitcoin is an opportunity for people like himself to create “generation wealth”. Saquon Barkely – Quarterback for the New York Giants – used the same phrase when discussing his $10 million Bitcoin income plans last year.

Rountree specifically showed enthusiasm over Yeonmi Park’s conference speech on how Bitcoin is helping save East Asian children. As she explained, millions of mixed-race Chinese and Korean children of sex slaves have been left “stateless”. They cannot turn back to North Korea, but have no home in China due to its one-child policy. Unable to use Chinese money, the survivors’ only usable currency is Bitcoin.

Francis Ngannou also spoke at the conference, where he explained how Bitcoin could be the “future of finance” in Africa. Various countries on the continent currently use a French colonial currency, with which global transactions are extremely limited. Just last month, one of those countries made Bitcoin legal tender as a solution to this problem.

For Rountree, he now understands Bitcoin as something he can truly “own”, and that nobody can take from him. He even appeared for the show wearing a Ledger hardware wallet around his neck.

Governmental Panic

Joe Rogan responded with his own interpretation of the digital asset’s adoption path.

“I think of Bitcoin the same way I think about the early internet,” he said. “I think they didn’t see it coming, and now its a viable form of currency and you can actually buy things with it.”

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Joe Rogan. Source: Vox

Bitcoin’s adoption as a means of payment is indeed growing rapidly. The network is now primed to be used for payment settlement at stores across America. One US senator envisions it becoming a currency “really fast”.

As such, Rogan thinks that the government is “freaking out,” about it, and thinks they’ll try to issue a CBDC to supplant it. In his view, CBDCs are “scary” because of the centralized control they grant the government of individuals’ personal funds.


In his executive order in March, President Biden pushed for “urgent” CBDC development. Canada’s central bank is also developing a prototype, but one Prime Minister candidate wishes to see it banned immediately.

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