John Wu and Ava Labs at HBC 2022


The student community is cultivating an emerging blockchain ecosystem at Harvard University, bringing together students across various fields of study, including business, law and cs. During the conference, students will interact and engage with industry leaders in the broader blockchain ecosystem on a range of topics including defi, web3/metaverse/nfts, infrastructure and the evolving regulatory environment, as well as explore career opportunities in the space. The conference will serve as a major step forward in furthering the development of the blockchain ecosystem at Harvard in a multi-disciplinary manner.

⏲ Time: March 25-27th 2022  

🏚 Place: Revere Hotel Boston

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The HBC 2022 brings together a lots of well-known speakers in Blockchain and Web3 Space. John Wu, CEO of Ava Labs will represent at the conference as a keynote & Fireside Speakers.

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Ava Labs is one of three diamond sponsors of HBC 2022. Check out the full list of Sponsors here

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Ava Labs Cocktail Mixer will take place on Saturday 6-9 on the Partiful platform. Not only Ava Labs Cocktail Mixer, but you can also join in other events during HBC 2022.

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HBC 2022 is round the corner with many exciting things expected to come on Mar 25. Stay tuned and don’t forget to check out all the information to ensure that you won’t miss the boat.

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