Market Analysis Report (06 Jul 2022)

Last month several cryptocurrency exchange-traded products (ETPs) posted record losses, with the worst-performing product being 21Shares’ Aave ETP, which dropped 52.6%. ETPs focused on leading cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH lost between 27% and 45% of their value.

In comparison, CryptoCompare’s real-time aggregate index methodology (CCCAGG), which calculates the market price of cryptocurrency pairs traded across exchanges, posted a 34.8% decline for the BTC/USD pair and a 38.6% decline for the ETH/USD pair.

As detailed in the latest edition of CryptoCompare’s Digital Asset Management Review,, one Bitcoin ETP, namely 21Shares’ Short Bitcoin ETP (SBTC), which “seeks to provide a -1x return on the performance of Bitcoin for a single day,” saw its assets under management grow.

The ETP had a 30-day return of 30.8%, making it the third consecutive month in which the product’s assets under management have rise, recording a new all-time high of $16.5 million.

The report details the assets under management of cryptocurrency investment products as a whole reached record lows, with ETFs experiencing the largest drop in AUM at 52% to $1.31 billion.

Trust products, which have an 80.3% market share, fell 35.8% to $17.3 billion, while ETCs and ETNs fell 36.7% and 30.6% to $1.34 billion and $1.61 billion, respectively.