MetaDerby Mobile Launch Is Here

The launches of MetaDerby Mobile, where users can finally play anywhere and anytime.

MetaDerby’s mission has always been to bring free-to-play-and-earn gaming to players and enthusiasts worldwide, and with MetaDerby Mobile they hope to do precisely that.

Many Web3 games are limited to desktop browser play and fail to go behind those parameters. But after the hugely successful launch of our beta game, bringing free-to-play-and-earn gaming to the globe, we were hungry for more features, more games, and more MetaDerby.

So now, for the first time ever, you can play MetaDerby wherever you go!

Not sure how to play from mobile? Check out this video guide to get started!

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MetaDerby is the 1st Free-to-Play/Earn horse racing metaverse game, which users can earn by participating in lotteries, breeding, trading, and racing their own NFT horses, and constructing farmlands, stables, and race courses for tournaments, all the while collecting rewards and revenues from fees.


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