MetaDerby: The Last Sacrificial Tribe

Science and technology have brought about great and wondrous civilizations. Such civilizations of advanced technologies slowly and sweetly squeeze out ancient and barbaric civilizations. At last they vanish from the earth. Forgotten.

But in a virgin rainforest, a peculiar sacrifice persisted…

Deep in the jungle stands a man as old as the trees, strung-out with age, hair pale as the shining moon. A tribe in primitive rags kneels before him.

Feral deer, murderous eagles, and bloodthirsty boars have been seized for the sacrifice. Wild horses have been tamed, beset with gear…these are the offerings.

“Goddess Artemis! Your people are to offer sacrifices and pray for your guidance and protection,” shouts the old man.

“Bestow unto this horse speed unrivaled in all the world, that it may race and reign unequaled!”

“I offer my loyal blood! “

A drip to a puddle, a puddle to a pool. But nothing changes.

In the distance, two cloaked men from the Titan Company watch the ritual.

“Let us go. This so-called sacrifice is nothing but a backward belief. No mythical powers, no technology, nothing.”

“We shall report at once. At long last the race in the next rising of the sun will be complete. And this land shall belong to the Titan Company. Even with the blessing of the gods, how shall it surpass our magnificent gear technology?”

As the cloaked men started to walk away, the gears on the altar began to change shape, glimmering brilliantly…

MetaDerby is the 1st Free-to-Play/Earn horse racing metaverse game, in which users can earn by participating in lotteries, breed, trade and race their own NFT horses, and construct farmlands, stables and race courses for tournaments, all the while collecting rewards and revenues from fees.

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