NEURONswap To Launch ‘Synthesis NFT’ For The First Time In All Mainnet networks at Rony Club

  • Synthesis NFT will be used in Rony Club which will open at the end of March.
  • Paradigm shift in NFT market.

NEURONswap, a decentralized exchange(DEX), announced that it will launch the first ‘Synthesis NFT’ of all mainnet networks at Rony Club which will open at the end of this month.

There are 3 types of NFTs (Rony Box, Parts NFT and Synthesis NFT) in Rony Club. All NFTs can be traded in Opensea and Rony Club NFT market.

Users can create their own unique avatar by wearing parts NFTs on their avatars. Users will communicate with other Ronys(Governance Members) and participate in protocol operations. 

Rony Box minting will be done in Rony Club and 3,500 Rony Boxes will be minted per round. For the first round, pre-minting is scheduled on April 4th, and public minting is scheduled on April 5th. Rony Box will reveal 3 days after the public minting.

There are 7 types of parts NFT. Parts NFTs can be obtained from Rony Box minting or marketplace purchases. Parts NFTs can be used to decorate avatars or to create synthesis NFTs.

The first round of Rony Club has 5 types of set looks: Frank Set, Legend Set, Epic Set, Rare Set, and Normal Set. The total number of synthetic NFTs for each round is limited to 100.

Each additional round adds 100 Synthesis NFTs, and the total number of Synthesis NFTs is limited to 1,000. Users who have all the parts NFTs required for a set have three choices.

First, the parts NFTs can be synthesized and create one Synthesis NFTs. Synthesis NFTs will be exhibited in the Hall of Fame and users can acquire 90-day NR tokens mining rights. 

Second, you can create your own avatar by wearing the parts NFT. You can participate in the Rony House Party event by combining various parts NFTs to form many rounds. In addition, you can complete the set look by using parts NFT in a later round.

Finally, you can earn money by selling parts NFTs on the marketplace.

In addition, Rony Boxes that are airdropped for NEURONswap launchpad participation rewards can also be used equally and 100% of the NR tokens collected through the sale of Rony Box will be burned.

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