Never Been Seen Before: sAVAX-AVAX Non-Stablecoin Pool is Launching on Platypus

Is Platypus just for stablecoins? Find out below!

You might have heard that Platypus is only for stablecoins. But is it really just for that? Platypus has an exciting announcement to make. Ready? Okay, here it goes….

They are launching sAVAX-AVAX pool on Wednesday! It’s going to be at 9am UTC on 27th April 2022.

To answer the question above, Platypus can also list tokens pegged to each other. Diversifying the pools on their platform to expand your choices and opportunities is still their aim, and they’re not done expanding the list yet. The community can expect more tokens to be listed in the future.

It’s going to be twice as sweet on sAVAX-AVAX pool. Get in on this great opportunity by staking and farming here. Apart from $PTP, you will also earn $QI in this pool. The daily emission from BENQI is 500k QI. The new haircut for non-stablecoin pegged asset trading is 0.1%.

The total monthly reward emissions for all liquidity pools remains unchanged at 3,000,000 PTP. The adjusted emission market weights by assets are as follows:

1 MnrIcVDNm1IRJunDIpSivA Avaxholic 3
1 Y0Q Avaxholic 4

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