OpenBlox migrates gaming platform to Avalanche, launches three new games

OpenBlox, an EVM-based NFT gaming platform, will bring new and existing titles to Avalanche. These games form the Bloxverse ecosystem, a Web3 community united by a common developer team, token, and in-game elements that span and connect multiple games. OpenBlox has currently released one game, RunBlox, and has three more in the works.

OpenBlox strives to make games that merge the digital and physical worlds, and that bring people together. In time, OpenBlox plans to launch a Subnet. Blizzard the Avalanche Fund has made a strategic investment in OpenBlox.

All three of OpenBlox’s forthcoming games will take advantage of the speed, low fees, and reliability that Avalanche offers. These games are:

  • RogueBlox — a turn-based, deck-builder card game in which players send Blox creatures to battle against one another
  • ActionBlox — an MMORPG with guilds, fighting, and mastering challenges.
  • LandBlox — a farming-style game set in an open world, where you can plant seeds won in RogueBlox battles, sell fruit in a marketplace, or use fruit to recover your characters in ActionBlox and RogueBlox.

About OpenBlox

RunBlox is an OpenBlox web3 app; an EVM-based NFT Gaming Platform focusing on Play and Earn and IP Branding that uses a single set of Blox NFTs and tokens across all OpenBlox games. OpenBlox is built around 7,998 genesis blox NFTs, which can breed using a gene mechanism and be used across the OpenBlox #Bloxverse, integrating games and web3 solutions.





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