Over 280 billion Shiba Inu have been moved in three transactions by these unidentified whales

According to Etherscan, in the past 24 hours, over 281 billion Shiba Inu (SHIB) have been transferred by anonymous wallets. These followed a sale of 115 billion SHIB.


SHIB/USD 4-hour chart | Source: TradingView

These wallets shift 281 billion SHIB

Three transfers, carrying 120,670,363,906, 83,341,872,681, and 77,950,331,254 Shiba Inu were reported by the aforementioned Twitter user. Wallet 0xee4c8c3ac157eb287e8b385820f190b4663ca37c was the destination of the first (and the biggest of the three) transaction, which was made more than 13 hours ago. As of now, the crypto remains in this address.

However, it cannot be said about the wallets that received 83.3 million and 77.9 million SHIB. Both these wallets have sent their tokens away and now stand empty of SHIB. The wallet that received 83,341,872,681 SHIB and then moved it to another wallet (or possibly sold it) later received three other big chunks of this meme token – 243,639,085, 269,636,464 and 269,490,967 Shiba Inu.

All three sums of SHIB were sent to other addresses immediately. With current price fluctuations of the second largest meme coin, whales are making profits by buying SHIB on the dip and selling them once the price goes higher even briefly.

A mysterious whale sent a total of 114,952,894,138 SHIB to a wallet ending in -7e6c. After that, this massive chunk of SHIB was sent to a Binance wallet, most likely to be sold. Back then, this amount of SHIB was worth roughly $1.4 million. According to etherscan, three other wallets also send big chunks of Shiba to the same Binance wallet at the same time.

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