Polkadot Just Got A Big Web3 Development Boost

Polkadot has been quiet of late, but things are starting to look up for the interoperability protocol with a big web 3 development boost. 


  • Alchemy Partners With Astar
  • Polkadot Astar: Parachains And Interoperability

Alchemy Partners With Astar

Development platform Alchemy is partnering with Astar Network to increase web3 development on Polkadot (ticker symbol: DOT).

The partnership with Astar Network, which is the leading Polkadot parachain, will make it easier for developers to create Dapps on the Gavin Wood-led protocol thanks Alchemy’s industry leading APIs. Beyond ease of use it will also open up features not available to developers on DOT.

Supporting the developer ecosystem is one of Astar’s core values and our collaboration with Alchemy will help bring even more incentives and innovation to the community,” said Sota Watanabe, CEO of Astar. “Our collaboration will provide the resources needed to grow the builder community in web3 on Astar, Polkadot and beyond.”

Polkadot Astar: Parachains And Interoperability

Namely, the Alchemy Supenode, which provides what many consider to be the industry standard in analytics and monitoring, will be used alongside Astar which connects the Polkadot chain to major layer 1 protocols.

Polkadot, at its core, is an interoperability platform that aims to connect protocols while also being its own chain. Thanks to the Alchemy Supernode, and Astar, Polkadot can further its core mission.

Alchemy infrastructure makes it easier for developers to build any dApp with infinite scalability, accuracy and reliability,” said Rob Boyle of Alchemy. “We’re thrilled to combine forces with Astar to foster an era of better web3 building that will power the decentralized applications of tomorrow.”

On the news, DOT is up 4% in the last 24 hours. It’s currently trading in the $8.37 USD range.

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