RoBoVault Comes To Avalanche

Over the next few weeks, RoboVault will be ramping up activity within the Avalanche Ecosystem pushing out a number of new vaults while also diving deep into some research into new delta-neutral strategies on Avalanche.

About RoboVault

RoboVault provides vaults that maximize users’ yields on tokens by implementing strategies utilizing lending protocols and yield farming on AMMs to construct a leveraged LP Position.

Users deposit assets into Vaults and assets are then deployed according to the Vault strategy. Each Vault has a base asset such as USDC, the vaults strategy will deposit a portion of the USDC to CREAM to be used as collateral. A secondary token such as WFTM is then borrowed to be combined with the remaining USDC to create LP tokens generating farming rewards.

Why Avalanche

  • 1) Mature Ecosystem: RoboVault strategies utilize AAVE, Trader Joe’s & Vector Finance which have all proven to be trusted protocols. While other protocols such as BenQi, GMX & Pangolin present opportunities to further iterate on.
  • 2) Deep Liquidity in Money Markets: Having deep liquidity which RoboVault can borrow helps ensure borrow rates are stable over time. By integrating with AAVE which has around $1 Billion of liquidity on Avalanche RoboVault can be much more confident in the borrowing rates for their strategy.
  • 3) Innovation Opportunities: A number of recent and upcoming releases from various protocols also present a number of interesting opportunities for RoboVault to research & develop new iterations of their existing delta-neutral strategies providing users additional opportunities to earn high yields on single asset deposits.





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