Swimmer Network Testnet Alpha Launch v2

Crabada has successfully launched on Swimmer testnet for v2 of alpha testing!

Swimmer testnet implemented with SubnetEVM has been successfully deployed and working! They are thrilled to be launching v2 of the alpha test for Swimmer!

They once again invite their community to come dip their toes into the Swimmer Network, and grow alongside them on their exciting journey ahead!

“The Crabada Idle-Game is available on Swimmer testnet for our community to try out and get their toes wet! #snibsnib 🦀✨

Are you ready Swimmers? Let’s Dive In! 🏊‍♂️


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The Crabada Idle-Game is available on Swimmer Testnet!

A total of 80K Crabada have been minted on Swimmer testnet. Each wallet that sends in a request for Crabada will be airdropped 9 Crabada to begin testing with!

They will be taking this opportunity to identify any issues, gather valuable feedback, and rectify them before the big Swimmer mainnet launch! They are constantly looking to improve the user-experience of Swimmer Network.

As a gaming blockchain, Swimmer Network aims to promote accessibility and enjoyment to the masses, working toward a fuss-free onboarding and gaming experience.

Here’s a recap on some things to look forward to on Swimmer Network!

1. Crabs are Mining for Gas

Crabada will be the first game on the Swimmer Network. Its game reward token, $TUS, will be used as the gas token for Swimmer Network!

With the migration of Crabada to the Swimmer Network, they are targeting a ~85% reduction in operational costs for players. In addition, a percentage of network fees will be burnt. This is planned to be scaled up to ~80% as the network grows.

2. Fee-Cover Model

One key innovation of the Swimmer Network is the Fee-Cover Model.

This feature reduces onboarding friction by supporting players to play games without having to acquire gas tokens in the first place.

For example:

On-ramping crypto assets directly into Swimmer Network via in-app purchases to acquire NFTs, and interact with the game contract without having to bridge assets to Swimmer Network.

Games that launch on the Swimmer Network will have the ability to subsidize/spend gas on behalf of their players. This feature can be configured on/off at the discretion of the game maker.

This opens up many possibilities for a smooth onboarding experience.

3. Ecosystem Grants

1.25M $CRA has been set aside for 2022 as a part of Ecosystem Grants!

“Games and Community Developers can submit their proposals through links on our website. Come Swim with us!

4. Validators for the Swimmer Network

Validators are required to run an Avalanche Node, and stake 50,000 CRA for the duration of the validation period. Each validation period will last 1 month. This will be done via a deposit to the time-locked Validator contract on the C-chain.

In v1, Swimmer Network targets 10 validators in it’s initial validator set. More validators will be introduced gradually over time.

More details on how $CRA stake for validators work:

Upcoming Swimmer Network Events

The team have tons of exciting news, announcements and events coming up so hang tight, and keep up-to-date via their social channels*!

  • Swimmer Network Mainnet Launch (9 May)
  • The Great Crabada Migration (Idle-Game and Marketplace) (13 May)
  • Battle Game Mode Launch (15 May)
  • Triple $CRA Rewards Event

*Links to all official social channels can be found at the end of the article.

About Swimmer Network

Swimmer Network is a dedicated blockchain for gaming that leverages the existing infrastructure and security of the Avalanche Network.

The team are bringing a fun, engaging, and frictionless experience for both game enthusiasts and game developers on the blockchain!

Website | Discord | Twitter | Documentation | Medium

Source: https://medium.com/@swimmer_network/swimmer-network-testnet-alpha-launch-v2-d45cda5acd5a

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