Symbiosis Finance Rolls Out Beta Version of its Mainnet

Multichain liquidity protocol Symbiosis Finance has just announced it has launched its beta mainnet.

As reported by the project developers, the beta network allows users to exchange tokens without the need to install special software.

The network is compatible with major wallets, including MetaMask, Coin98, Trust Wallet, ONTO Wallet and others. Users can manage liquidity on any blockchain from a single interface.

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Project representatives said:

“All the supported blockchain networks on Symbiosis work as liquidity pools, which makes asset prices dependent on the volume of funds available in a pool. Any increase or decrease in the asset volume in a pool will create arbitrage opportunities for traders.”

The beta version has passed three independent security audits conducted by SlowMist, Omniscia and Zokyo. During the adaptation period, the exchange function will be limited to testing assumptions and testing the viability of the product.

Symbiosis Finance is currently supported by four decentralized exchanges: Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Pangolin and QuickSwap. The list is expected to expand in the future.

Symbiosis Finance also intends to add new blockchains, including Solana, Terra, Celo, Boba and Aurora.