The Defrost V2 Of Defrost Finance

Welcome gamers and crypto lovers, Avaxholic is happy to share that The Defrost V2 Of Defrost Finance. So let explore it in today’s article!

The Defrost V2 Bringing Decentralized Leverage To Avalanche Ecosystem

Defrost Finance is changing skin. But not its goals: bringing cutting-edge innovation to the Avalanche ecosystem.

In order to provide new technologies to the Avalanche ecosystem, Defrost Finance is pleased to announce a comprehensive redesign of its site, with a shift in emphasis from stablecoins to leveraged trading.

The V2 launching this quarter will allow users to trade $AVAX and $ETH on leverage of up to 5x – several major crypto assets. There are both long and short options, and additional assets are being developed.

An Innovative Liquidity Provision Mechanism

Traders will rely on liquidity providers, who deposit their holdings in the appropriate pools for each asset, to fuel the leveraged model.

In order to deliver a steady, enticing APY, our native supervaults reinvest money in outside platforms using the time-tested Defrost technology. LPs will then get the costs that traders must pay when leveraging their holdings in addition to this crucial return, with rising pool usage leading to rising yields.

Enter The DEXes

The new Defrost V2 will rely on large decentralized exchanges, like Trader Joe, to leverage our members’ holdings rather than building all the liquidity in-house in order to give our community the greatest experience regardless of the situation of the global markets.

The funds in the pool will be used to acquire a certain amount of tokens from an exchange and increase the position size, providing an easier, smoother process than traditional decentralized leveraged trading models.

State Of The Art UI/UX

To enable the trading platform, the V2 UI will totally replace the previous V1, which will still be online and accessible. Here the main focus will be on a simple, yet powerful, interface where users can intuitively deposit, calculate their returns, take on positions, and trade.

About Defrost Finance

Defrost Finance is the platform behind the next generation stablecoin and provides remunerative investment opportunities. A fully fair launch, decentralized project, its aim is to change the world of finance for good.






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