Tiny Island partners with Unilever LifeBuoy and AKC to build a Betterverse – a place where good exists.

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SINGAPORE / 8 SEPT 2022  / Tiny Island Productions, Singapore’s leading 3D CG animation studio, has partnered with Unilever Lifebuoy and Ape Kids Club to design a range of fun NFTs to encourage kids to take part in Lifebuoy’s award-winning H4Handwashing campaign.

The collaboration’s goal is to raise funds for the partnered child-centric NGO and educate children worldwide about the importance of regular and proper handwashing.

The campaign will showcase Tiny Island Production’s expertise in 3D animation and the Web3 space, Unilever’s brand influence, and AKC’s experience in exploring the potential of Web3 NFT technologies to support non-government organisations and their causes

Utilising technology

Tiny Island Productions is known for the content they create. In December 2021, they signed a memorandum with Huawei Cloud as part of their Web3.0 expansion to build Tiny Island Universe, an immersive virtual theme park.

They have also signed a partnership agreement with Morpheus Labs to collaborate on online strategies based on both companies’ solutions and products. 

“We thought it would be a great idea to draw inspiration from Unilever’s Lifebuoy’s H for Handwashing Concept in creating this new Ape Kids Club and in raising funds for social missions,” Tiny Island Productions CEO David Kwok explains. “We also want to demonstrate how, when combined with our expertise, NFT solutions can be a powerful tool for mobilising and raising support for worthy causes.” 

The campaign is a natural extension of Lifebuoy’s award-winning global handwashing initiative. Over a billion people have adopted better handwashing practises due to the soap brand. Through its social mission programs and communications, Lifebuoy has collaborated with over 50 partners in over 30 countries to develop better handwashing habits, improve hygiene, and protect against illness.

“We can ensure Lifebuoy’s social mission of improving people’s handwashing behaviours worldwide receives significant support,” says Unilever’s Personal Care Digital Transformation Lead Triveni Rajagopal. 

Lifebuoy sees an opportunity in this new web3 world, and we are eager to learn from partners, creators, and specialists to build a Betterverse–a place where good exists,” she adds.

Founders of Ape Kids Club, Li and Kun Vic, are also looking forward to the project. “6 months ago, we successfully launched Ape Kids Club, a collection of 9999 unique Ape Kids on the blockchain. And today, we are very honoured to take inspiration from Lifebuoy to design ideas in the Web 3.0 space. As part of the brand’s social mission, we want to create value using blockchain to raise awareness and funds for worthy, real-life social causes.”

The project is set to launch on Global Handwashing Day on October 15, and all proceeds will go to the partner NGO’s electronic wallet. 

About Tiny Island Production

Tiny Island Productions is a leading animation studio in Singapore that specialises in high-quality CGI animation and Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Stereoscopic 3D. Their notable works include the award-winning film Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens. Tiny Island Productions also develops its own intellectual properties. Its flagship, the Dream Defenders television series, has been sold to over 80 countries and is available on Amazon Prime, Discovery Family, and Hulu, among others.

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