Upcoming in-person conference could determine fate of Hinman emails in the Ripple laws

Court Judge Sarah Netburn has scheduled a news conference between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple attorneys to discuss the new assertions of attorney-client privilege.

SEC v. Ripple: Hinman docs become focus of new conference

Internal documents involving former senior SEC official William Hinman will be the focus of the discussion. The conference is scheduled for June 7th. Since no call information has been provided, it looks like it will be a face-to-face conference only.

The SEC filed a new motion to keep Hinman’s emails private by citing attorney-client privilege in late April. The agency argues that the privilege applies because these documents reflect confidential communications between Hinman and SEC attorneys about the famous Ethereum speech in which the former claimed that ETH is not a security.

The agency asserts that Hinman was a client of SEC attorneys who gave him legal advice regarding the legal status of digital assets to ensure that his speech was consistent with federal securities laws. Since courts have repeatedly recognized government officials as clients, the SEC believes that this should also be the case this time around.

Since the primary purpose of sharing manuscripts of speeches is to obtain legal advice, they must be kept confidential. In mid-January, a judge ruled that the SEC must turn over Hinman’s emails.

In early April, the judge denied the regulator’s request for a review of the deliberate process privilege (DPP) ruling. The judge held that the personal views of agency employees were not protected by the DPP.

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