Webpay, an advanced option to the DeFi world with a quick and decentralized Web3 payment system

With new filings from Celsius, job cuts at OpenSea, and a short-squeeze in Voyager’s tokens, the damage from the crypto industry’s recession continues. In this hard time, Webpay proves that only sustainability-focused companies can survive in the blockchain sector. Thus Webpay will bring back positive confidence with efficient decentralized digital currency payment channels and services.


It is inconvenient to conduct payment in the Web3 platform network. If users wish to settle the payment, they must first visit the exchange and make a payment. There is no doubt that this payment method has to be improved.

Users must register and authenticate their email addresses and mobile phone numbers before they may utilize the exchange. Users have tremendous difficulties and inconvenience due to a succession of extremely complex operations.

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Through decentralized payment channels and services, Webpay simplifies everything for everyone to accept and use cryptocurrency payments, positively impacting the sector.

Webpay’s quick Web3 payment system accepts 200+ tokens. The entire advancement is decentralized and governed by a protocol.

Token-based payments and multi-chain compatibility are two of Webpay’s decentralized payment options. These solutions will produce a DeFi wallet that is focused on payments and enable the widespread acceptance of cryptocurrency payments.

WebPay is a strategic enterprise service that is available for Web3 applications. Many Web3 users may enter the cryptocurrency world through specific application scenarios, with the primary appeal being to purchase a specific NFT or service rather than ETH. WebPay acts as the shopping cart settlement button on the e-commerce website, saving users the time and effort of downloading exchanges, purchasing coins, and transferring coins to Metamask, which can save merchants a significant amount of traffic. Furthermore, WebPay will be available in over 160 countries around the world, reducing the complexity of connecting customers with multiple suppliers.

Webpay is an example of an open DeFi derivatives protocol. Since 2022, Webpay has adhered to the development concept of decentralized finance, attracting interest in DeFi. Through the governance module, this DeFi protocol allows users to diversify product types and asset classes. Users can establish and trade derivatives markets in novel ways using this protocol. These products can be based on traditional financial market targets as well as encrypted assets. The advantage of composability in the DeFi field is clearly demonstrated.


The native TOKEN of Webpay is PAY which is fairly launched on Uniswap. The Webpay ecosystem as a whole is powered and unlocked by the PAY token, providing utilities for a range of payment-related goods and services. Future uses of the PAY token and their implementation will be continuously debated by the community and the governance.

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Each token has been assigned to a certain project, ecosystem, or airdrop. There are no allocations for the Private, Seed, or Public Sales rounds. Before launch, neither the team nor any specific person received any tokens. The lockup duration may be raised indefinitely under the terms of the token contract, but it cannot be decreased.

Token Name: PAY 

Total maximum supply: 110,000,000

Token Distribution:

  • Uniswap Liquidity: 10,000,000.
  • Team Token: 3,000,000.
  • Marketing and Airdrop: 2,000,000 
  • 4% Gameplay Features: Blocked until new features are released.
  • Liquidity Farming: 85,000,000 
  • DEX Liquidity: 5,000,000 
  • Cross-chain Liquidity: 5,000,000 

Fast and decentralized Web3 payment

Blockchain technology has the ability to create smarter, faster, and faster payments. It is rapidly enabling frictionless worldwide trade and seamless transactions for a variety of cryptocurrencies. This trend is gradually replacing traditional currency payment systems. Many blockchains can clear international payments faster than traditional solutions, often in a matter of hours or even minutes. That are all things Webpay can do through its fast, safe and low cost payment platform.

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Payments via Webpay When it comes to receiving payments via Web3, Webpay’s payment solution is revolutionary. Both payment senders and receivers will find the operation extremely simple to use. Webpay will scan and calculate the quickest way for senders to make payments using any token in their wallet. Webpay allows any crypto token to be accepted as payment by Webpay payment receivers. 

For example, if a payment receiver requests 500 USD in cryptocurrency, the Webpay Payment widget will automatically search the sender’s wallet for all valuable exchangeable assets. If the wallet does not have enough USDC but has enough BTC, the widget will automatically suggest using BTC instead of USDC. The Webpay Payment Protocol (the smart contracts) would then convert the sender’s BTC to USDC and send the 500 USDC requested to the receiver. All of this takes place in a single real-time blockchain transaction. 

On the other hand, the lightning-fast payment speed of Webpay can help users save time. On the blockchain, Webpay can process payments at the quickest possible rate. To send money directly to the other party, open the Webpay app and scan their account. The entire process is quick, secure, and inexpensive. It connects directly to the user’s wallet, allowing them to see their balance and conduct transactions there. Moreover, the payment cards from Webpay can be used anywhere that supports cryptography. It means a quick and easy physical card that works anyplace that accepts cryptocurrencies.

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Genesis yield farming

Liquidity mining initially appeared to be the future of how projects will establish product-market fit from the perspective of protocols aiming to jumpstart adoption. As Webpay expands, Pay’s liquidity will also grow and the excess Pay will be distributed to each liquidity provider. In the platform of Webpay, investors can send, receive and pay with any crypto to conduct yield farming in a secure manner.

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Webpay protocol offers users a low-risk way to earn yield by using a secure and effective trading strategy that reduces volatility. By collaborating with initiatives that could build on the protocol’s vaults, such as teams developing new lending markets, reserve currencies, and unique options strategies, Webpay is attempting to broaden its ecosystem.

PAY token and high yield rewards are fueling growth on the Webpay network. As capital came over to Webpay to farm as they were providing incredible yields on single-sided staking. Webpay stands out in the marketplace thanks to the very best way to earn interest on idle digital currency investments. Webpay can offer attractive rates of return and it accepts fiat currency deposits that urge you to start earning interest on cryptocurrency immediately.

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