What If The Shiba Inu’s ‘$1 Dream’ Surge Is Powered By This?

Shiba Inu prices have fallen over the last four months due to the continuous geopolitical upheaval, but some fans seem to be traumatized by the experience.

However, even though SHIB is still up about 14% in only the last thirty days, the stock has lost more than 72% of its value since October and is now trading at $0.00002484. This year’s upgrades to Shiba Inu’s network haven’t dampened the enthusiasm for the project’s expected $1 milestone.

SHIB/USD chart from trade view

While taking part in an AMA session, notable Shiba Inu enthusiasts like head developer Shytoshi Kusama and game developer William Volk shared details about upcoming changes and improvements to the dog-themed currency, rekindling hopes for a huge return.

Shiba Burning Program

As a result of investor concerns about SHIB’s 589.73 trillion coins in circulation, the team has announced that ShibaSwap 2.0, a SHIB coin-burning program, will be launched soon.

In the words of Archangel, Shiba Inu’s top publicist, “We want to increase the platform’s usage rate while simultaneously increasing the burn rate.” According to him, “it’s about diminishing the supply progressively as you use the platform.”

In their own words, the Shiba Inu team said, “When the platform is utilized more often, we aim to raise the burn rate. “This is a whole new kind of utility.”

However, team members advised against having unrealistic expectations about the influence of reductions in SHIB coin supply on the value of the SHIBArmy’s stock market.

Shiba Metaverse “Shiberse”

According to reports, the SHIB Team will list 99,000 pieces of land in the next Shiberse auction, giving LEASH holders a 10-day opportunity to bid on the pieces of land.

A total of 35,000 pieces of land will be given to LEASH holders first before the balance of the SHIB land is made accessible to the general public. LEASH’s token price surged by 46%  within a few hours after the announcement, while SHIB’s token price surged by 40%  in the next 48 hours. This is predicted to happen again at some time in the future.

For those Shiba Inu lovers who have “organically journeyed with us,” the program PartnerSHIBS will be launched. The Shiba Inu’s metaverse and the first of its kind for a meme coin will be Shiberse. Multitudes of variables, such as NFTs and Shiba Inu games, will impact the price of SHIB, which is projected to rise sharply as a result.