Why did Kanye West file for numerous Yeezus Trademarks?

Whenever any reports or rumors come out about any famous celebrity seeking for trademarker filings, it brings moments of curiosity all over. 

A number of trademark filing by the famous artist, rapper and fashion designer, Kanye West resulted in the creation of a ripple of speculation immediately. This week, there were rumors that artist Kanye West has filed several trademark applications using his own moniker Yeezus. Mascotte Holdings Inc. of West’s company with the United States Patent and Trademark Office has filed 17 trademark applications. The filings also included the mention of the potential metaverse and non fungible token (NFT) experience. 

Particularly in one filing, it noted the potential to provide an online marketplaces that can make buyers able to purchase crypto and other digital collectibles, assets, currencies and tokens. These filings were registered last month for Yeezus as first spotted by Josh Gerben, an attorney at the trademark office. 

As per the filings, the use listed potential fields among the trademark filings include a wide variety that combines action figures, board games, Christmas tree ornaments, retail stores, computer goods, face masks, plush toys, nail polishes, facial makeup, subscription services, amusement park trades, video game software and so much more. 

However, among the particular note regarding the latest collection are mentions about the experiences of metaverse and the potential to avail an online marketplace where buyers can purchase nontangible items based on blockchain. 

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The application is centered on using the name of Kayne West’s album and long-running tour released in 2013, YEEZUS brand. Trademark attorney of Gerben Intellectual Property, Josh Gerben discovered the filings first and tweeted about the same on 1st June, 2022. 

Unfortunately the filings list has descriptions containing only very basic information about the potential product offerings and to not go into any given detail regarding the types of NFTs that the famous artist might pursue or the kind of metaverse experience they want to deliver. 

A non fungible token based on blockchain that works as an ownership of prof and is also often used for different digital works like illustrations, music files, profile pictures and video game items. However the metaverse refers to an evolution for a more immersive future of the internet where people would use theri digital avatars to work, play and even socialize. 

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