Will the AEX program launch boost the crypto ecosystem in Vietnam?

The crypto platform tends to leverage the growing interest of people and invest in boosting blockchain technologies in the region

No doubt, digital assets have turned out not to be great means of help throughout the economic situations in countries. So much so their impact has been so significant that soon enough, they become a key figure in terms of the global economy. Due to the result, numerous companies are looking forward to promoting their use to boost the markets, be it regional or local. 

Recently following the similar, well known digital assets platform, AEX on March 21 announced the launch of a fund by the name ‘green fund’ intending to empower the Vietnamese crypto ecosystem. The fund is reported to have an initial investment of $100 million. As per the press release of the company, those projects in companies that would be participating in the funds will have remarkable financial support, extensive support for financial management to help them grow and database access of over ten million users, etc. 

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Chinese cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform AEX aim to support the developments of decentralized finance, GameFi and non-fungible tokens projects that are taking place in Vietnam. For Carrying out such initiatives, crypto firms will be investing in both upstream and downstream industries in the region. As of now, there are no particular limitations, so any company based in Vietnam can apply for the $100 million fund’s access. 

Those high quality DeFi projects will be eligible to meet the criteria to receive immediate liquidity incentives because of their performance. In addition to that, it will also be promoting the development and creation of new quality projects via events and contests which are going to be held in Vietnam this year. 

As per the press release, the company stated that for projects meeting the selection criteria, AEX would follow the rules and regulations, prioritize the listing support and recommend them further to cooperative exchanges and other friendly operators openly and inclusively. 

AEX seeks only a crypto asset platform and a world-class crypto bank as it already has acquired more than one million users registered on the platform. As per the market research done by the company, the demand for investors in blockchain tech in Vietnam has grown up by 140% in the last few years, attracting a lot of investors and crypto users worldwide. 

As far as Vietnam is concerned, a survey of Finder.com last year across 27 countries resulted in Vietnam having the highest adoption rate for crypto; more than 40% of respondents purchased crypto. Also, the reports suggested that the country ranks fifth in the world in terms of the number of people minted to buy NFTs. These are some clever indications that the country is interested in crypto and related innovations. 

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