WyndBlast Is Now Having Partnership With Mobula

WyndBlast, a play-to-earn multiplayer cooperative game, has announced a cooperation with Mobula, a decentralized data aggregator.

About WyndBlast

Wyndblast is a play-to-earn multiplayer cooperative game built on the Avalanche blockchain. The game takes place in the Chronica Sola Verse, a mystical land where players can take control of Wynds (dragons), recruit Riders, forge equipment, fight enemies (PVE) and compete with one another (PVP).

Its mission is to build a gaming ecosystem that does not follow the typical boom & bust cycle of other games. By allowing the same NFT assets and tokens to be used in all games we aim to keep our player based engaged, excited, and involved in all aspects of our development!

About Mobula

Mobula aims to be the first completely decentralized data aggregator, allowing DeFi to finally integrate a reliable and accessible on-chain data provider protocol into the applications that need it.

Mobula’s entire aggregator process is fully decentralized, from data collection (directly integrated on-chain) to its emission (similarly integrated on-chain via a smart contract linked to IPFS, allowing any user of an EVM-compatible blockchain to retrieve data such as the URL of the website of a project bound to a crypto-asset simply from the address of the assets’ smart-contract), including its processing (produced by the members of a DAO).

Website: https://wyndblast.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WyndBlast


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