Zilliqa Entered Into Gaming Space With WEB3WAR

Zilliqa, a well-known blockchain project, has released WEB3WAR, a new first-person shooter (FPS) game. The company acknowledged the move in a blog post shared on Tuesday. Prior to Zilliqa’s appearance at Gamescom, Europe’s premier trade show for the digital game industry, the WEB3WAR was launched.

Blockchain technology may have a greater impact on the gaming business, which is already planning a significant increase in the upcoming ten years. The value of the video game business was predicted at $178.7 billion in 2021. In comparison to 2020, the industry experienced a good growth of 15%. By 2025, the market for the gaming sector is predicted to be $268 billion.

Zilliqa stated that the gameplay and user-friendly design will be the primary focuses of the game. WEB3WAR stands out from other blockchain games because to its distinctive design and gameplay-centric approach. The developer claims that the game is simple to pick up, play, and enjoy right away. It is appealing to the gaming community because of this feature.

Instead of using the standard play-to-earn (P2E) approach, the development team used a skill-to-earn gaming prototype. The group also used a AAA-level methodology for game creation. As it has been made clear, it forms the basis of a more sustainable economic strategy that enables gamers to receive rewards in the form of unique products and Zilliqa Blockchain tokens. According to Zilliqa, the value of the incentive players receive increases as they play more games.

More in-game tokens and digital goods would be available for purchase, according to Zilliqa. This item is available for purchase in a variety of skins for a player’s character, including armour, helmets, and weapons. Additionally, WEB3WAR will enable gamers to earn money in proportion to their time investment. A skills-based incentive system will be incorporated into a recognisable, AAA-level user interface by Zilliqa. Zilliqa is now the leader in the gaming sector as a result.

The company’s objective, according to Matt Dyer, Head of Growth at Zilliqa, is to help gamers embrace cryptocurrency and welcome them into the Zilliqa community. Dyer stated that the WEB3WAR game is created to suit the expectations of contemporary players. He added that the ability to earn rewards while having fun will make playing the game an engaging experience for players.

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